Fitbit Versa – Full Exercise REVIEW

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The Fitbit Versa an amazing fitness tracker and smartwatch that packs in tons of features into a medium sized watch that will appeal to a wide variety of people. My prediction is that this will be a huge hit because of it’s broad appeal.

The fitness trackers and products I use:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor

Yunmai Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale

The Skulpt Scanner – Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

My All Purpose Gym Shoes – Saucony Jazz Low Pro

Mava Elbow Sleeve

Mava Compression Shirt

Reebok Nano 2 Shoes


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Chris Chan says:

Does the Versa measure body temperature?

Joanne Monaco says:

Great video thx

Luis Correa says:

I worked for a year in a half for Fitbit customer support.

The heart rate sensor takes “pictures” of your blood vessels, that is how it measures your heart rate.

Also, regarding the application about swimming, if is not for Fitbit labs apps, i guess it won’t be as reliable as a Fitbit made app.

Tammy D says:

I hope you can help me with this…I can’t seem to get my text messages on my Versa…When I set it up they came through and now they don’t…Ive uninstalled and reset my Versa and it still doesn’t work

getfitover40 says:

Great review, love the camera work, man you can run fast! I may have to upgrade my wife to this, she has been using the Blaze for a while and likes it.

Alejandro Mora says:

techy agent, which watch would you prefer, versa vs vivoactive3?

Marocchino L says:

Johny knoxfvile from jackass

Lol look a like

Gerry Liddle says:

How is the charging for it

Nugget2131 says:

To get the workouts do you have to pay for the Fitbit coach workouts or do these come included on the versa?

Pauley C says:

Do you know if it pairs with the s9 , I did not see that phone on the compatibility list.

Joseph Lai says:

Great review! Been waiting on this for some time. The only thing holding me back is I use Spotify.. Do you think there is any chance Fitbit will partner with Spotify for offline music storage?

Kaloy says:

Your video is really good.

HighAltese says:

I’ve been waiting for this review since the unboxing/first impressions video! Thank you for your informative take on the Versa. They’ve been teasing its release in my country but stayed mum on the exact date. So yeah, a bit annoyed :I but still very excited!

Keith Tomlinson - Continuous Focus says:

Does it work with Exercise Bikes in the gym?

Yoana Karina says:

first video I watch from you and I really liked all the information you provided and the images. thanks!

Platinum242 says:

Very nice review. For the piece on it overestimating your distance it would have been good to mention if it was default settings or if it was calibrated to your average stride length. Without the GPS it will still just be an estimate regardless.

Michael Mob says:

Great review. But why you didn’t test the connected gps feature.

noobgotowned says:

You didn’t find that your calories were overestimated during the weights workout? I did strength training for an hour and a quarter and it told me I burned 699 calories. Seemed high to me. Also a 50min walk gave me credit for 400 cal burned.

johwes255 says:

Great video! How does this compare to the Garmin Vivoactive 3? Desperately in need for a new watch. Also, will you be reviewing the Suunto 3 Fitness watch at any point? Would be interesting to see how it measures up. Thanks!

BigMosely says:

I believe this device was created for women, and just making a black version isn’t going to cut it for me. The band is also very thin much like a females and it also comes with the small band installed which also makes me think this was made for females. I tried it for a good 24 hours and coming from the Surge I think it is just too petite for my liking so I grabbed the Ionic instead.

Tracey Ward says:

That was a great review. I have the Fibit Blaze and I’ve had it for almost 3 years now. The battery life isn’t that great anymore and I’m looking for an upgrade. I thought the Ionic is a bit too much but the Versa looks and is priced great. I go kayaking and sometimes like to go swimming while I’m out but I have to take off my Blaze all the time, it would be nice to have a fitness watch that is water proof. It goes for $249 in Canada.

Nayeli Diaz says: about receiving calls on fit bit versa?Is it able??

Lea xox says:

soo this over the ionic for HIIT and weight training ? help i cant decide hahah

Veronica Delacruz says:

I may have of got a defective one but….. I did not like my fit bit versa… had trouble multiple times for it to track my exercise even though I would start it…? would wake up in the morning and I already had 10,000 steps ????which was odd that happened to me more then once …it’s going back..

Kristijan Markovski says:

Bro, I’m really considering buying either the verse or the Apple Watch series 3. I’m rocking the Fitbit charge 2 rn and I love the ability to track my sleep and the fact that I only have to charge it once every 3-4 days.

You reviewed the AW3 and you were talking highly about auto sleep and it’s capabilities regarding sleep tracking. How would you rate it compared to sleep tracking on the Fitbit, since Fitbit is offering you deeper data like REM sleep, and AW3 with auto sleep is not, right?

What about the battery life when using sleep tracking on the AW3, do I need to charge it every day, in the morning for example or will it last 2 days ?

Silvana Rodriguez says:

I’m debating between this one or polar M600. I just wish Fitbit had spotify

Sagar Siddhapura says:

Can you do versa vs gear sport?

M-61 says:

Thanks for the review. Is that an Oura ring on your finger? Are you going to review the new Oura ring?

Miata Red says:

Great review – thank you. Re: the missing GPS. I have to laugh when I hear that it’s missing a GPS and you’ll have to bring your phone…. I do not know of anyone who does not take their phone everywhere, and I mean everywhere, seriously. GPS functionality on any smartwatch is a battery killer and redundant, since the majority of us have their phone nearby with a very good GPS and a plethora of good apps. I think FitBit hit the nail on the head with the Versa – congrats. Seems that the Pebble experience they acquired is paying off, I see some Pebble features. A homerun.

sasch bresemann says:

I can’t actually believe that you say it’s the best heart rate sensor it does not meaure my heart rate I contacted Fitbit and they told me that my tattoos on my arms and wrist are blocking the heart rate to be read properly . What a joke I have every Fitbit but this is by far the word #fitbit sucks

Infidel Gastro says:

It sounds like very decent device for the price considering the brand name. As far as I’m concerned, they can shove the onboard music storage, instead include GPS for the same price, and it would make for a fantastic option to Garmin’s overpriced, competing devices. Their elevate HRM often leaves a lot to be desired.

Ed Derepa says:

I switched to this (got a barely used special edition for 175 USD) after 2 years with Garmin Vivoactive HR (sold for 125 USD that I paid for it refurbished) and a week with Samsung Gear Sport (bought used and sold for what I paid).

What people refuse to acknowledge is that (I am especially referring to the ripoff Fenix 5): 1. Garmin’s step tracking is bs (the Samsung is way more accurate, Versa is similar to Garmin) 2. Garmin’s sleep tracking is bs (Gear Sport and Versa are way better). 3. Garmin’s floor tracking is bs (can’t comment on the Gear Sport and Versa but I know that even the F5 sucks). 4. Garmin’s stress level tracking is bs 5. Garmin’s HR sensor has long been surpassed (who wants to buy an HR strap when the F5 costs that much and who wants to wear an HR strap if it can be avoided?!) 6. Garmin’s screens are crap 7. garmin’s app is subpar. 8. Garmin’s prices are ridiculous (though the build quality is great).

I am really glad that even though I was led to believe that Fenix 5 is the holy grail of all fitness trackers (especially RIZKNOWS) it was just too expensive to justify purchasing (knowing it would be outdated in a year). I later realised that half of the features that Garmin (also Samsung (Gear S3 was a joke for fitness tracking and Gear Sport is not accurate either according to DC Rainmaker) and Amazfit) are just gimmicks and I wouldn’t trust the other features because the basics are so off (VO2 Max? Recovery …whatever…)

To me having accurate HR without an HR strap, notifications, good battery life (Garmin is the best at that with F5 and even old Vivoactive HR but NOT Vivoactive 3), innovative reminders and easy to use app are the best features on the Versa…even though I hated it for the first day and it is a bit too small (but it is so light I forget that I’m wearing it!).

Moral of the story: manufacturers are rolling out bullshit features and beta software all the time now…just get the basics right, which the Versa even though it is far from perfect.

Cassi Kay says:

I miss Pebble. I still haven’t hopped on the Fitbit train, but this product brings me Pebble nostalgia.

Michael Fernandes says:

Which would you recommend between the Fitbit versa and the Samsung sport?

Ivaniel Martinez says:

He’s so handsome

Terri M says:

Fitbits without gps can become slightly more accurate if you do a few runs with gps on as they adjust the stride length used for it’s calculations.

Stevie Richards says:

Another great video. My Apple Watch Series 2 seems long in the tooth compared to some of the nice added perks the Versa offers.

Joshua Burt says:

Wish they’d just add hrv tracking.

Dharmadev Dabhi says:

Nice review

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