Don’t Buy a Peloton Bike Before Watching review of The Sunny Bike for $333

Sunny Bike 49lb Flywheel Bike = $333
Apple Tv = $100
Peloton App = $12
Remaining $55 = send to me for saving you $2000


nfn7121 says:

Shave those legs


It looks like a $300 spin bike. Sorry bud but I understand your idea.

IM inSunnyCal says:

If you want to track speed and cadence, you can always add the Wahoo sensors. I’ve looked at the Peloton, and I don’t like that you can’t surf the internet, watch movies, or read ebooks on that thing. I’m sure the quality of a Peloton is better than this bike, and it better be at approx. $2000.00, but when you’re an avid cyclist and only use an indoor bike seasonally or occasionally like this reviewer probably does, It’s probably not worth it.

Charles Molinari says:

If you use a $333 bike a lot, you will end up needing the pedal crank bearings replaced once or twice before you decide to spend what it costs to get a quality spin cycle. $950 (Bodycraft SPX) is the minimum a well-built bike with decent bearings will cost. Spend another $400 or $500 and you can purchase a LeMond, which is one of the better bikes on the market.

Sabrina Williams says:

Thank you!

Kevin Harrington says:

Good video but I had that bike.  Friction resistance sucks compared to rare earth magnets that Schwinn, Peloton & more use.  Sooo smooth. But yeah the Peloton bike is crazy expensive.  But worth the money in my opinion if its in your price range (about 2500 bucks).  I like that it tracks my cadence, power output, heart rate, & more.   But depending on budget, the video poster has a good option if you to consider.

Valiacda says:

OMG, this is not a bike, this is a Frankestein. Thank you, I have a Peloton bike, it is the BEST !!

anthony 35 says:

Is a nice bike. … did u connect your pbone to ypur TV again???

Jenny Arias says:

Having trouble mounting the saddle. Getting frustrated about it.

Cinder says:

I want a pelton..cause u can see ur cadence and all that

Garras Porgratix says:

Its just AMAZING how much people pay for bikes for a brand sticker (made in China) let alone a stationary that can be easily built from scratch in a lazy Saturday by somone with a little imagination or use a junk frame to save time. For $3000 a bike better come with some sort of engine.

I like to watch says:

I’ve seen the Pelaton commercials on TV but I don’t get it. I understand the appeal of cycling outside, but riding an exercise bike inside while watching a so-called Pelaton class on video? What can these instructors do? Tell the participants to pedal faster?
“Pedal faster! You’re gonna fall behind!
Just kidding; no matter how fast you pedal, you aren’t going anywhere!”

Seems like a metaphor for life itself…an exercise in futility. A meaningless race to nowhere.

Niki Soledad says:

How do you keep track of your cadence, resistance, etc.? I ask because I’m seriously considering doing the the same thing, but what the one thing the peloton bike has is all of those measurements. Now, are those measurements WORTH an additional $2K…I don’t know…but it would be really nice to at least be able to measure my resistance levels so I can see how I’m improving…

d ob says:

It’s not bad for the price but the whole thing with the peloton is the tracking of stats, competing with other riders, the community ect. If you don’t care about that stuff then ya this is nice

krazye says:

I’m debating on dropping 2 grand for a keiser m3i. Wish I can find a better deal for a magnetic resistance bike WITH a lever for adjusting resistance instead of some stupid spinny thing.

prince Mack says:

you don’t need to spend 2500 on a bike to be fit. 333 for a bike is a good investment. all you really have to do is eat clean food drink water and stop putting crap in your body you will lose all the weight you need. its so easy to do that people don’t do it lol and that’s the realest statement u will ever hear

Pebbles &Bambam says:

People are so damn negative!! Not everyone can afford the Peloton… This is exactly what I’m doing. I just ordered mine from Walmart with free shipping. Thanks for the review!

Matt says:

God this bike is shitty. Bet you’re buying a Peloton with your ad money from the clickbait title. Fake news! Sad!

Christian Paul says:

This is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferrari. Go with the best, Peloton.



F B says:

Great so instead of buying the Pelaton for $2500 all I need to do is pay $333 for this bike, and then only $900 for an i phone and then only $300 for an apple tv-1 and then only $1000 for a 65 inch samsung smart tv. nice ill have saved so much moneys thanks!

Bluet Almeida Fasce says:

lol, I got mine 2 years ago on Amazon and payed $162 with shipping included

Kevin Schilling says:

just curious, you still using this same setup?

Tim N says:

I agree that it’s a nice bike, and I actually did the same thing with a sunny bike from Amazon. However, no comparison vs the peloton. The peloton bike is so much better and for me, makes me push myself so much more than when I had your set up. The extra push from the leaderboard, the ability to follow the class better, able to measure resistance, keep track of all your workouts, and able to workout with friends make it worth it to me. Before I bought the peloton, I use to skip workouts… I’m addicted and never miss a workout. Just my thoughts because I have both.

Molon Labe says:

I have that bike and it is absolute dogshit compared the peloton. Where are your metrics.


how’s the bike holding up so far ?

C Money says:

I really appreciate this. Took your advice and it works! Thanks for hack my friend

Frank Julian says:

Congratulations, you “hacked” it by buying a shitty bike.  And yes, I have used that same bike.  It’s not the same.

The God Effect says:

How depressing. Never leaving the house, living in a virtual world. Rip off product. Only suckers who live on bandwagons defend this. It’s a cult following for a reason.

Winston Robinson says:

No thank you, love my Peloton.

Irena Poe says:

Do they still have this bike on amazon? I would like to purchase one after New Years.

Y Park says:

Would love to see if this bike works w Bkool virtual and or Swift. Peloton does not offer the virtual that those apps have.

X-DOG-360 says:

Thumbs up on this idea – y’all a bunch of peloton snobs with too much disposable  money- go out and ride a bike up a real hill !

C Money says:

I really appreciate this. Took your advice and it works! Thanks for hack my friend

Andrew Eckert says:

Lol, that is hilarious that you even compare that set up to Peloton. Peloton is worth every cent and then some. Excellent product, great instructors, unbelievable number of variety and selection of rides, measurable performance, and a smooth quiet ride. Please stop giving an uneducated opinion on a bike you’ve never even tried.

Sunny Health & Fitness says:

Thanks for the awesome review!! Let us know if you would like to do a review of one of our higher end bikes from ASUNA. Please message us through our Facebook. Thank you

David Kaplan says:

You don’t get the metrics, leaderboard, or community feel. Additionally, that thing is LOUD

Drawoh321 says:

Totally not even close to what a Peloton bike offers. You get what you pay for.

swiperboy sb says:

frugal people are the best

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