CycleOps Fluid 2 Bike Trainer Review

The CycleOps Fluid 2 Bike Trainer is a high quality bike trainer perfect for your home. Its CycleOps’ best selling trainer and its easy to see why. Its relatively quiet while offering a good amount of resistance. Hope you guys like the video. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Amazon Link for the CycleOps Fluid 2: Looks like its a hot item, just went up in price.

Amazon Link for climbing block:

General Information: (Buy it from amazon, its cheaper)


tim3854 says:

Exercising without pollution brought me here. Looks cheaper than buying a stationary bike.

eric contreras says:

I have the same one. I totally recommend it. I use a 27.5 hardtail with schwalbe big Ben tires.

Roy Castillo says:

Awesome review. I have a cheaper Cycleops Magneto and hooked up my 1999 MTB. Have you looked into the Fabric or Ergon saddles? Looking forward to your SB6 vid.

Blake Washington says:

I’m sold. Thanks for the review. Exactly what a newbie like myself needed to know.

Brian Vaughn says:

I picked up one of these this Fall when REI had them on sale. Really noisy. I’m using a mountain bike so it’s even more noisy that yours. one tip for saddle, try making it more nose down. I’m never in the saddle for an hour when I ride on trails but in the trainer I’m in that saddle most of the ride. I’ve adjusted my seat so that it’s more nose down and that helped a lot.

cottinball80 says:

Hello. You asked about comfortable seats. Have you tried SMP seats?

Trailjunkie says:

Wow, can’t wait to see the review on that yeti. Looks sick! let’s find a rowdy trail and i’ll bring the wreckoning

Joel Wyncott says:

Really helpful! I’m looking to get a trainer and there are so many options out there, but this one does seem to have good reviews overall. Thanks again!

Mark Mackinnon says:

Great review! Does it work with 15mm thru axles or does it need to be a 9mm quick release?

MrStevemojo says:

Good Video. I Highly recommend the fluid2 , after 10 years using one i can say its consistency and reliability are the key factors ,feels rock solid. you will give up before this will 🙂 Qauility bit of kit

The climbing blocks can stack so can ad more to achieve the gradient you want.

pbodymathis says:

A little loud compared to Kirk Kinetic’s fluid trainers.

MrHockaluger says:

Wow, that thing is noisy. Definitely won’t work for my living situation with neighbors up above and beside me because like you, I’d only have time to use it in the early AM. As for a road bike saddle, I use a Selle Anatomica X-series leather saddle on my Roubaix. Super comfortable from the get go.

pjayreed says:

very good review. Thanks from Australia

MTBdropIN says:

Man in SoCal all winter means is, trail building time! My regards that you guys can’t ride right now. While we are having the best rides of our lives you guys are having weather issues. EEEEK! My worst nightmare! However, our perpetual summer for 9 months out of the year sucks!!!

MarshmallowMadnesss says:

I’m guessing this won’t be great for a mountain bike.

Frank Rodriguez says:

Do you click it all the way until you hear it click? It seems like its too much tension on rear wheel. I go til it clicks and then back it up a turn. Yours is very noisy, must be because u have it turned until it clicks

Gerard Lunow says:

Great Video!! There is noting like a “real” review. I am sold and will get one. Thank you!

Patrick Cox says:

I can get this trainer new for about $214. Should I get it or not at that price.

Me says:

80 in Hawaii today,,,,sucks to be back home in the burgh.

Alex Guzman says:

just move to California

MtbTrailHustler says:

Definitely looking forward to your next video. Do you still have your 5010?

Neal M says:

You only turn the knob 1-2 turns once it makes contact with your wheel. Turning it until it clicks is MAX resistance and is a. very hard to ride smoothly. b. Eats up your tire like crazy.

MTBdropIN says:

can you use this with a mountain bike and if so can you use it with a 2.3 to 2.4 width tire?

Ad stern says:

why don’t you buy a fat bike and a light and ride all winter?

Andrew Zegel says:

Noticed you mentioned you usually do base miles, zone 2-3, on your trainer. Definitely consider doing some interval training on the trainer, most actual pros do this exclusively. I race cat 1 & 2 but not very seriously, and doing a 20-30 min HIIT session on the trainer 3-5 times per week pays off tremendously. If you haven’t already check out some of GCN’s interval sessions (linked one below). I love the CycleOps Fluid 2 as well, great trainer.

Michael Brower says:

Do you really need to utilize the training skewer?

DT55B says:

Thanks for making this video. Very helpful after putting the unit together and then losing the instructions after for getting bike mounted.

Blair Inmenzo says:

what if your bike is a thru axle? no need to use the skewers?

LAShooters1 says:

Thank you for a nice review. Just bought one myself.

John A says:

Dont follow this idiot. Never tighter the yellow know that much.
Read the instructions. After the roller contacts the wheel, turn 2 1/2 times more. THATS ALL

DanielinLaTuna says:

I like my leather Brooks saddle. Takes a while to break in, but you will have a custom fit. Don’t let it get/stay wet. I’ve had mine forever. Old school.

John Hoyle says:

Thank You. excellent, very well done.

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