Concept 2 BikeErg Review: Assault Bike Replacement?


Concept 2 BikeErg Review


Concept 2 BikeErg Review

The Concept 2 BikeErg is just as good as the Concept 2 Rower and Skierg; to put it plainly, nobody is creating conditioning equipment with the attention to detail, quality, or performance of Concept 2. The BikeErg is a shining example of what a company can do when they focus on quality over quantity of products.



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Vicki Goff says:

Where did you find it for $700?

Lee Maniff says:

I currently use the Peloton app for their diverse classes on a stationary bike. Would you recommend using the Bike erg for such classes? Have you connected this bike to any app such as the Concept 2 ErgData to follow along with the metrics. I would need to know watt/cadence/etc.

I own the Concept 2 Rower and swear by this so I am very interested in their bike. Great review

martin beaver says:

Nice review. Some people have mentioned sweat is an issue as your left side sweats directly into the fan housing. Have you noticed that when training ?

Ryan Quinn says:

Ben Smith has the garge on point

Sean Vintin says:

No serious cyclist is going to use that over a Wattbike (Pro / / Trainer / Atom models). And Goddamn you’re right when you say it ugly. Urgh.

G B says:

I live in an apartment, would it be loud enough that my neighbors hear it??

Lindsey Dirksen says:

Is this a loud like the rower?

CCXF94 says:

Favorite channel! Thanks coop!

Jacob Sanchez says:

Great review. Was on the fence between this and the AD Pro, which I tried at a friend’s house and loved, but this pretty much convinced me that the BikeErg might be better for my needs. I’m honestly just interested in purchasing a quality piece of equipment with low maintenance to improve my overall cardio and cycling (on the side of my weightlifting), and this seems to fit the bill. Good job!

Jerry Delgado says:

Where can I get the shirt?

CFordey says:


Luis Maldonado says:

Hey Coop, if you had to choose between the C2 rower or the BikeErg what would you think you would get?

Alyster Woo says:

Great review… please close your fuse box… killing me over here

Ade Birkby says:

Nice review! When the Bikeerg is on its hardest damper setting is it harder, easier or the same as your air bike?

Jerome Garcia says:

Sold brother…

Simon Walton says:

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to seeing more videos. And btw, I actually LOVE how it looks!

mortimermechanic says:

The Concept2 bike is in a different category than a fan bike with arms. The Assault bike and the Schwinn Pro bike can be compared as apples to apples. But the Concept2 bike is like apples to oranges compared to the other two. The Concept2 bike should be compared to other stationary bikes without arms, like the Keiser or Stages or Wattbike. Of course even this may be apples to oranges because Kaiser and Stages and other quality stationary bikes use magnetic resistance. Even Wattbike, whose models up till now use both fan and magnetic resistance combined, has announced a new model with only magnetic resistance. The Concept2 bike is in its own category with no competition. Its best features: quality company, proven technology for its monitor, which can be used for accurate comparison between workouts and between riders, fair price and its fan. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets (more resistance). With magnetic resistance, your cadence (how fast you pedal) is independent of the resistance. Lots of choices.

beatleapostle says:

It is not true that “if you turn the damper down to 1 it’s pretty much like a a free spinning bike”.
In fact when you turn the damper down to 1 it’s pretty difficult to pedal. I am conditioned from riding a stationary bike regularly, and I find that there is no warm up or cool down zone. I called Concept 2 who said they are working on this issue and expect to have a solution in the next month or so. The Concept 2 rep told me I should just pedal slower for warm up and cool down – that’s bogus. Also, the PM5 will not indicate miles, only kilometers – that’s bogus too. It’s a very well made machine and I don’t regret buying it. I just hope they fix the resistance.

Kathy Nettles says:

do you teach on this like a spin bike/spin class?

Robbie Wayne says:

Is the absence of the fore/aft seat adjustment going to be an issue? I understand that the handle bar is adjustable however, the positioning of the pedal relative to a person’s height could be a problem for some people, that’s why spin bikes have this adjustment feature. What about sweat dripping directly on the flyweel assembly? I’ve also noted a lot of plastic parts which could easily degrade over time with heavy use (e.g. gym or fitness centre).

Aaron White says:

Excellent review Coop – I am with you on the versatility aspects and will be swapping out my Assault bike for one of these

asbhlz1965 says:

I’ve been waiting on a review of the bikeerg so thanks! I have the rower and would like to get one of these.

Michaël says:

Can you review the Wattbike Atom? And how does it compare to this bike?

Zach King says:

Video quality is improving. Keep it up man

Paul Casserly says:

I watched your more recent vid about the Rogue Echo Bike. I’m torn between it and the Concept bike. If you had to choose between them, which one would you purchase?

By the way, I’m looking for a piece of equipment I can supplement my cardio with, alongside my Concept model D rower. Thanks!

Robert Borer says:

Thanks for the review. Which devise is best in your opinion for complimenting my running?

smilinjoe23 says:

Can you make a DIY video how to custom paint my rower or ski erg?

David B says:

Thanks for posting this review. I have been looking for a stationary bike for my home gym.

Poltair Homes says:

hey man. I’m debating investing in either the echo bike or the C2 bike erg. I know they are both different machines for different specifics. i have the rower and the ski erg. i was set on waiting for the echo bike (i live in the UK) but the bike erg has me intrigued. If you had to choose between the two which would you go for. i dont take part in crossfire competitions but do alot of cross fit style home exercises. thank you

Area 25 says:

“Quote unquote ‘on sale'” <- Love it Coop!

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