Burn Fat Fast And Work – Exercise Bike Workout | Flexispot Deskcise Pro Review

Rebecca Brand reviews Flexispot Desk bike, click this link to check it out! https://flexispot.com/all-in-one-desk-bike/ Burn Fat Fast and Work! This all in one desk bike, a vari desk, adjustable height desk goes one step further, where you can go from exercise to working on a desk top can even be used just standing! It’s part exercise biking, part standing desk, FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™ combines an on-demand, height-adjustable desk and exercise bike into one sleek desk bike. The revolutionary design lets you go from sitting to cycling to standing with one space-saving solution. I love this bike, it’s portable, it rolls around easily to put it where ever you want in your home. A desk that converts into an exercise bike, or bike that can be used as a desk is an amazing innovation for comfort while exercising. Desk Cycles, Desk Exercise Bikes, or Pedal Desks, Deskcise, which Flexispot names it, is a great way to exercise and work! Vari Desks have a use, but Flexispot’s full line is so high quality, it’s amazing.

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FTC: Thank you Flexispot for sponsoring this video. My opinions are honest and true. I love this exercise desk! I use it, and am excited about having this now every day to encourage my health journey.


emmy snowwhite says:

You’ll never never become an old lady, you are an eternel little girl samantha, always joyful and smiling you’re the sun of youtube♥

Irena Poe says:

Rebecca where could I purchase a bike like that? I am interested.

whomeplay says:


Kimberland Bartley says:

Oh My Gosh this is so AWESOME who knew you could exercise and be on the computer at the same time ….. Your looking goood as always …. 🙂

fireside007 says:

2 ~ Kewel . . .YOU ~ ROCK ! !

louisebrown1996 says:

Um were her videos meant to be funny ??

Halsey Robert says:

that is so neat

emmy snowwhite says:

Can’t believe it! This is my dream desk! I have to live in the states!

Deadpool Is Here says:

You’re so beautiful for your age and you look in great shape

Bobby Sidhu says:

I’ve got the better exercise bike with the pulse monitor and table all in one and you didn’t had a pulse monitor on your exercise bike with the table and my next door neighbour has jealous that I have the most top expensive exercise bike all in one from website

soldier person says:

Rebecca, you look fabulous.

Byron Chandler says:

Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. You are very helpful and a wonderful provider when you cook and bake, and your pink outfit is simply adorable. What do you love about peppermint? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. <3

Irena Poe says:

Ok Thankyou

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