Budget Road Bike Review & The Brutal Truth

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VeganTruther says:

Totally agree on cadence. Rode a 100 miler with a local group for first time and my cadence was higher than most of them, although I struggled to keep up because I wasn’t used to pace. Only when climbing big hills did people notice I was able to climb better.

lee rolfe says:

Can’t beat straight talking man. 537 haters are pissed up!

Érico Schmitt says:

The topics of your videos are great, and your comments are interesting, but you kindda talk too much! you could say the same things in a 3 min video, and I’d be happier.

Anon Ymous says:

Who is the guy in blue. He’s heavy and he grinds.

M Lourson says:

What this video needs is DashWare (dump your ride data onto the video; it’s free)

lizard944 says:

Eddy Merckx won the Tour De France on a touring bike.

Jeff Cirelli says:

nice bikes are nice not just because theyre higher end and lighter and stiffer and yada yada..

They’re also just NICE. And when you LIKE your bike, you’ll ride it more. You wanna look at your bike and say, oh man, I cant wait to ride that. If an expensive bike does that for you, and you can afford it, go for it.

as for what you NEED? Not much. True wheels, dialed in brakes, and a shimano groupset. Sora is fine, it will shift no problem. Can you throw it into the big ring under heavy torque very easily and perfectly? Ehh probably not as crisp as 105 and on up will do., But, seriously. you dont NEED much.

Autry Welch says:

I’ve been into watches, guns, clothes, etc. the common thread with them all is useless snobbery from those with money to purchase anything they want. No one wants to tell you that you can pay a lot less for something you would enjoy just as much as the product you could pay 90% more for. But you can. For average to above riders, buy a good reputation cheap bike. You’ll be more than fine.

Nads says:

I bet he’s really short with that high jockey voice

Allah Turbo says:

Get fuckin straight to your point

Lucas Kathol says:

“You’ll get fucking fit as fuck” 6:50

Harry van Rijn says:

I refiited my ageing alu bike with a full Tiagra 4700 groupset, downgraded from 105 5503. Runs like a dream so smooth, no need to spend 350 euro extra on Ultegra.

A Jay says:

I don’t agree that high cadence universally produces more power in everyone, it is individual. There are numerous examples of extremely powerful riders who do not ride with a high cadence. Look at Tony Martin, he’s a grinder and one of world’s most powerful roadies. There is Nothing wanting in regards to Martin’s power output lol. I personally go better with a high cadence, but not all perform as well with as a high cadence as I ride.

mophead684 says:


Soul Sally says:

I don’t know if you’ve talked about this before but would you recommend a second bike dedicated to riding in rain/winter inclement weather? One that’s fitted with mudguards and slightly bigger tires, say 28s? I just bought my first road bike but am now wondering if maybe I should get a cheaper 2nd bike for crap weather.

BETM YAY says:

Feels like a rant more than a review.

Fabienne says:

Thanks for this posting! Beautiful weather condition indeed. I ride a beautiful $CAD600 bike, fits me perfectly and I keep dropping my husband on every ride we go to. My defense is, I am French ( woman) , the TDF IS in my blood, I have seen many of them, and I love riding my bike!!! His defense is …….I hate cycling!!!! Lol

shifterkart1 says:

You ain’t got nuffins on my Huffy!

Columbus Christopher says:

l ride a Schwinn 1300 Volare.
very fast light weight 25 pounds l switched to continental tires and
l love it. l grew up in the mountains so I’m used to climb. out of 20 guys there’s only 2 who can keep up with me and they ride carbon frame Super shimano bla bla bla
3000 plus grand bikes.. l respect their choices but you don’t need such a fancy expensive bike to exercise and have fun . if u can move it. 42 19 best climbing gear ratio.

ut1004bp says:

Cool..was thinking good tire was one of you important issues to address. .What would you say was the largest tire size that was used in this run?  Was anyone dropped?  Not to be disagreeable with you last comment, but  many people, though they might be tops in the group will improve knowing others are right behind, gaining on him/her everyday.

Sopho Cles says:

i bet if you wanted to go on a 500 mile ride a 5000 buck bike is gonna be better than 500 buck bike – carbon stronger and more resilient.

Ronald Nunez says:

it’s not the bike, it’s the rider.

Q Tip says:

Just bought the dawes lightning sport from bikesdirect.com. Is that a good bike?

Skate or Live says:

you have to be out of your mind or going threw one hell of a mid life crisis to drop anything about 1.5k on a road bike

Jay kay says:

i bought a 200 dollar road bike called MERAX…….iam not a pro cyclist, but i ride a bike really fast bc of my strong legs… The bike is perfect for me… ive had the bike for nearly 2 years snd i only had to replace the bar tape and tubes for flats… the bike is just perfect for the price

j360/6x7 says:

1:29 Total trump-quote. “This is gonna be a good video” hahahaha

Francisco Galan says:

you want to go faster uphill bitch?…buy a motorcycle…effortless you Son of a bitch!..ja, ja, ja…

Vertex Breach says:

12:05 Guys that just ride are fit – So long as they are riding. Throw anything else at them and they don’t do so well. There is nothing wrong with being a single issue zealot so long as you understand anyone can be good at one thing….. Inviting non cyclist to ride would be the same as a cross fitter inviting cyclists to do a WOD or an MMA fighter asking cyclist to spar – Pointless as we know the outcome. Yeah riding is awesome for fitness but it isn’t going to give you well rounded functional fitness in all areas.

Marvin Grant says:


Krishna Kanth says:

Hello All, I am 6.4′ and weigh 110kgs. I need advice 1) if road bikes can handle that weight 2) Steel frames better? 3) Your thoughts on Verenti Substance 105 pls…thanks

Steven Foley says:

Custom build a bike . Decent frame , caad 12 is perfect for the money . Custom build wheels . Spend the money on hubs and bottom brackets . Decent chain set , . Then spend good on tyres . bikes don’t make a rider faster . fitness and talent is what a rider needs lol . Bling is still cool and that is what we are really paying for

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