Best Bike For Fitness: ElliptiGO Elliptical Standing Bicycle Review

John from unboxes his brand new ElliptiGO elliptical bicycle. You will learn how easy this bike is to set up. John will also share his first riding experience on the world’s first standing bike that offers no impact training for runners, cross-trainers and fitness enthusiasts. You will learn how many more calories you can burn on an ElliptiGO bike instead of a normal bicycle. You will also discover how the ElliptiGO can make bike riding fun again. After watching this episode you may just want to purchase your own ElliptiGo bike to achieve a higher level of fitness.


kimmyjeans2 says:

Omg!! I want one!

LoveTheGO says:

John, Congrats on the best purchase of your life. I have had an Elliptigo for 3.5 years. Best workout! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.

OutliveTM says:


jaymeez says:

Thanks for the folks at EliptiGO I guess the guy at that company is named Bob for sending John this bike….

dganir1 says:

Is it hard maintaining balance on this bike?  Is it easier/harder than using a regular bike? (Noticed my question is gone, so I’m asking again.)

Julianna HM says:

Looks awesome!

RawBananaJoe says:

“You don’t get a really good workout biking” So that’s why it is so easy to climb mountains. If this is true, you are doing it wrong. Either go faster or ride bigger hills

plant-based hiker says:

I’ve been riding the 11R for two years now.  The ElliptiGO is awesome!

AuntyM66 says:

Brilliant bike.

phucku goofleplus says:

that dude needs a job in south texas in the oilfield….that’ll make him into the man he thinks he is.

Yolanda Cotto says:

Friends with benefits

green tea says:

hell yeah!

Clarissa Mc Kenzie says:

Sure, they are all over So Cal and unless you have deep pockets, stick to the common folk bike. Crazy expensive!

Chris Klest says:

I think you all are taking what John said a bit out of context – he was referring more to the position that you are in while bicycling – meaning the seat will hurt your ass whereas you won’t have that issue on an elliptical.

FullmoonEffects89 says:

can you go fast on that thing? and also that valve is called a prista valve.

durianrider says:

“You don’t get a good work out bicycling” – John Kohler.

If you can keep up with Freelee for 2 mins up a steep hill on a bike Id give you 10 grand John. Would be the hardest work out of you life just trying to keep Freelee in sight. 😉

Please wear a  helmet. Why put so much focus on health but risk head injury cos we ‘are too kool for skool’ to own a helmet?

For $1800 one can get a nice 19lb road bike in a correct size from a reputable bike shop.  Also with MUCH higher quality components. Elliptical bikes spend most of their life gathering dust in peoples sheds unfortunately. They are a gimmick. Road bikes are just much much easier to use and more practical. A normal bike of this quality would be worth about 3-400$. Elliptical bike industry cashes in on peoples ignorance of how much something should cost in the bike industry.
Small wheels + extremely NON aero position + non comfortable longterm position = hard and awkward to use fitness gimmick that will be relegated to the shed and end up as an expensive spider sanctuary.

MilkCap says:

I wouldn’t spend more than 500 for one.

Dr. Benjamin Benulis says:


Xania More says:

i am a bike rider too… this ElliptiGO is interesting – wondering if it really works the body more than a bicycle – if it does, I might look into one.  Make a later post on how you like doing it long term?  🙂     Thanks John 🙂

tim rose says:

are you selling these?

LTraveler83 says:

This bike starts at $1800.  I do believe that this model goes for $2500.

Larry Richelli says:

John, a year later…tell us truthfully, have you been riding it regularly or is it collecting dust in the garage. I haven’t seen any updates to this video so I am betting it the latter.

Tallie Allen says:

Such a cool invention!!!

seymour0930 says:

John, I really love your videos. Are you aware of the recall last November on these things? Apparently they fall apart in use. I wouldn’t want to spend that much money on something that’s gonna break and possibly hurt me.

Derek Doucette says:

Wow nice gift!!! Have fun but be careful, remember how much gardening sucked with one hand, lol…

WakeUp OrDieTrying says:

swimming is the best exercise you could ever get.

tim rose says:

holy moley $$$4000???????????????????????

Daniel Gladdish says:

Thats stupid, dont be a freakin wuss… You sound like a woman moaning about the workout styles available… Geez

Elijah says:

I love this change of pace/rhythm to your videos! It’s very refreshing to see you incorporate your physical activity into your channel videos! 🙂

UraniumMan says:

10 minute video, and 10 seconds showing it in action? 😛

David Seaton says:

ElitpiGo  is expensive. 2400.00 bucks.
It is different.Have fun.

Javasaur13 says:

A lot of negative fucking cunts on this comment section aren’t there? Most of you dickwads know you would love this thing if you could afford it, but you’re all a bunch of fucking losers.

flufftronix says:

I have a list of funny concepts I keep in my notes just for the hell of it, and amongst them was a mobile treadmill. You know, so you can move while you run. So ridiculous these exist.

Mango Ryder says:

You said a good work out…. But u said ” never been easier” ….. Come in dude….. Is this company giving you money to promote this non sense ” bike”…. So obvious

Augie Samuelson says:

I’ve had my GO for 2 years. Can’t ride a normal road bike b/c of a back issue but the GO changed that for me. I also see a lot more of these around. It’s not uncommon to see distance/ultra distance runners use them for cross training (e.g. Mez Keflezighi, the winner of the last Boston marathon). The same applies for veteran runners who can no longer run b/c their knees and joints are blown. The college in my town bought several of these for their cross country team. Compared to the road bike I used to have the GO yields a tougher workout but it’s more intuitive to ride.

Soundafek says:

You don’t get a good workout cycling? that’s asinine..

JoAnne Hall says:

I want one!!

JCBLTZ says:

Nice vid!! BUT good luck with the hill, make a vid climbing an 8, 12,15% grade hill I would love to see that 

thisblender says:

why does it cost so much? 🙁

Riding With Jahv says:

Wow!!! 44 lbs? Thought these things were crazy heavy. Pretty cool video/ review

VeganMarcella andMore says:

Cool bike John, thank you again for a good video

blue183 says:

Did you just say “biking isn’t a good workout”?   

Deborah Jabara says:

wow john from growing your greens!!!

Vapers Win says:

2.5K : (

Mentes Livres says:

Great product! Expensive as it can be tho

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