Assault AirBike vs Rogue Echo Bike!


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The Assault Air Bike is one of the most popular Air Bikes currently available. I compare it to the new Rogue Echo Bike and Schwinn Airdyne Pro and tell you which is worth your hard earned cash!



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Darko Skender says:

The Rouge its def.really good bike ,but compering with AD8 it still have blades less and handlebar should have more options then just one position,if we think about peeps of different high use it .

larryhpta says:

Well the airdyne pro just dropped 400 dollars on amazon maybe because this bike came out, factoring the newly lowered price , the air in the face effect, should I spend the extra $100? Or wait for the echo bike to come off backorder ? Airdyne pro is now 900 instead 1299.

Jon Barros says:

All the content is cool and appreciated but I really want to know what it is you do for income? You’re always buying toys and I have to admit I am a little envious 😉

Levi Morgan says:

Incredible review. Very helpful. Thanks for all the work you put into these. Grateful I found your channel.

BlackSCRunner says:

Great review, Coop! Question: Echo bike vs Schwinn AD7 (pro) @ same cost? I know you said the edge goes to Rogue but that factors in price. Price being equal which one is better and why? Thanks so much, love the channel!

Damon Billing says:

The Airdyne Pro’s foot pegs are not cheap plastic. They’re lightweight, quality aluminum.

Jorge Borbolla says:

What brand is your jacket? it is nice

MrMojo13ification says:

Cheers officer dewy

Justin Tomsic says:

Between the echo, xebex rower with new monitor, or C2 rower, what is the best investment? Leaning xebex cause it seems solid and comes with a bunch of stuff, and echo bike sells out after 2 minutes and can’t do cardio in the snow.

Douglas Ulrich says:

I’m in absolute awe in how clean you keep your gym with all the stuff in there……teach me your ways

Patrick Nesbitt says:

Great review great vid. Thanks definitely deserved a subscribe

Austin Wall says:

Rogue bike vs concept 2 bike? I know they are different categories, but if you wanted a bike to beat on and get some quality work which would it be?

Jody Young says:

Coop, I haven’t heard any mention of bearings with your review or on the Rogue site. Is the Rogue bike made using sealed bearings at pivot points or bushings? Also, What is it about the Bike ERG that makes it so appealing to you? Apparently, it is more enjoyable to use. Why is that? I’m interested in that machine but for $900 and weighing less than 60#, I just can’t rationalize it being worth it or solid enough. Thanks for another interesting and entertaining review!

Harmit Vasudeva says:

Coop nice vid, thanks. If you are to choose between bikeerg and echo bike what will you get? Ignoring price of both. Ta

Roger Chalmers says:

I work on the equipment at my gym and we have 10 air assault bikes. These bikes are a maintenance nightmare. I don’t think they were designed to take the beating that we give them. Issues: constant adjustments, constant lubrication, rust from sweat. You have to use locktite on every bolt so the thing doesn’t fall apart.

Justin Tomsic says:

Would you rather get the AB for 500, Echo at 750, or AD Pro for 750?

Mike Ute says:

Looks solid but, honestly dont like anything that claims maintenance free.

D T says:

For a 6’3″, 215 person. Which would you choose for the long haul?

Nils Dahl says:

Hey Coop, where did you get the info about the power curve being the same as the Air Assault? Didn’t see this on Rogues website. That’d be a major selling point for me to sell the air assault and get the rogue for a minimal $ difference so I could continue to accurately compare times with people using the assault.

larryhpta says:

How is the air in your face effect, that’s one thing I hate about the assault Airbike and loved about the airdyne. It is much better and they kinda divert away from you. It really sucks Especially when it’s cold !

4nthony says:

I am genuinely flabbergasted that your moustache didn’t blow off during this review, bravo! for that i will like and subscribe.

Ridgeback Athletics says:

Great review Coop! I was wondering about the crank in the Rogue Echo. I know the Octane Airdyne X which is the commercial version of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a more heavy duty crank. And those tend to go over time due to the pressure….no one has said anything about that on this new Rogue Echo Bike. What’s your take on the Rogue crank?

gunsmokezz says:

Thanks for this review!!

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