Apple Watch Series 3 Workout/Fitness Review (watchOS 4)

Can the Apple Watch Series 3 stack up to Garmin wearables for fitness? Let’s find out. Get it here:

Episode 1 – “The Honeymoon”:

/// THE GEAR ///
Favorite Wearable (fenix 5X):
Bike GPS: &
Adventure GPS:


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Bill Stokman says:

DesFit, Excellent video! It look like the max and min heart rates are actually shown in the activities app. Referencing 8:00 min in the video, on the run bar chart for heart rate (the are not labled as such) you see the chart showing 178 as the max and 94 as the min (NOT LABELED) this matches what you show in the health app. Would be nice if they had it as 178max and 94min instead of just the numbers.

John Ruggiero says:

great video have you tried swimming? if so is heart rate accurate? How does it compare to version 2

The12thSeahorse says:

Excellent presentation!

Jay Pillai says:

Hi Des, are you able to confirm if the assisted GPS is available on both the LTE Series 3 and the non-LTE Series 3 version?

Ar Tin says:

I subscribed to your channel!

lifemusicelovee says:

you have only a couple video but imo you are an honest top notch review! would you review fitbit ionic?

Ematrix1979 says:

I watched several video about Apple Watch , looking for an impartial Review, mainly focused on the fitness/running options and features, and let me say this is one of the most detailed and convincing one. It’s very intersting to have a Garmin’s owner point of view. Waiting for new videos (comparison between AW and Other watches or updating about your experience using AW). Thanks for your video. Thumb up!!

Clayton Bollen says:

Wow! An excellent review. Thank you so much.

Lydia Garcia says:

Thank you for sharing this detailed review! I was cross between the Garmin Forerunner 235 and the Apple Watch Series 3! Subscribed!

Ar Tin says:

Thanks for the video very much!

Kwood23 says:

Great review.

Hazy Perspectives says:

Your thumbnail has it in the water, but you don’t even mention it.

Brad Hall says:

I can’t get mine to display calories burned. It just has 3 lines.

Liz Brackenreed says:

Does the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS track runs (map) when you do not have your phone?

Lojackr says:

Great video! Except at 7:39 or so, you can view your max hr, its directly to the right of the graph

Judi says:

Thanks for the review — I use a Fitbit Surge and Apple watch 2 together — Fitbit doesn’t have an indoor track app — I live in Alaska and have to run inside a lot in 40 below weather!! … The Apple Watch at least can give a more accurate distance in a track situation  — Fitbit can’t count the distance correctly— thanks for info on the Apple Watch 3….

Alpine QtPie says:

@desfit you dont like the Runtastic App on the Watch?

marvin polanco says:

Really really REALLY great review on the apple watch

Brian Hendricks says:

Awesome review!

Abraham Balikcioglu says:

Why is the power button on the left

Island Girl says:

How do I get to total steps? Walking is my focus and I noticed it appearing on your watch. Thanks.

Akilleus says:

Not sure if you’re Russian or Asian…..

Molly Barry says:

do you have the nike + version?

Jared white says:

Crown should be on top, your wearing it upside down

Frodo Baggins says:

Got a fênix 3, my next watch will be an Apple.

TheFoeni007 says:


i cannot find the option to change the activity to table tennis. Everytime when i click on “Other” it starts directly and i have no chance to choose.

Daniel Torres Püschel says:

Very nice review! Nicely done and highly appreciated

chaos421 says:

Any swimmers out there? My AW3 lists 40 laps for 1000 yard swim. I think it’s a bug and it is actually displaying pool lengths. Anyone else?

Brett Wilson says:

Hi Des, will you be reviewing the gear sport by chance? (If Apple Watch can last for a 5-6 hour gps hike, it will be hard to pass this up)

Andre Encarnacao says:

Does the stock Apple workout app provide audio cues for when running with just the watch and no phone? If not, do any 3rd party apps (Strava or Runkeeper)? It’s a deal breaker for me if not.

manuel serrano says:

Hi from spain and thank you i had an Apple Watch 1 and i sold but GOT and Apple Watch 3 and reallly works the hearth rate

Sarah Day says:

I bought an AW3 and returned it. Maybe I just didn’t give it enough time?! Hmmm still not sure what to pick between the AW3 and garmin. Also my iPhone 6+ keeps saying that I can’t download the activity app!? I called Apple and they couldn’t figure it out either. Anyone else have this issue?

The Everyday Dad says:

What an awesome video. After a year off of my triathlon training due to injury I’m ready to get back into it and I’ve got an apple watch series 3 coming tomorrow! Thanks for the video!

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