Worst Things to do Before a Run | 4 Common Mistakes

Here are 4 of the worst things to do before heading out of the door for a run – and what you should do instead.

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Crispy Cream says:

Shitting before any form of physical exertion is good. It empties your bowels so you don’t have as much mass in you limiting your movement.

Mike Dadvar says:

Why have people given a thumps down to this video???

Collin Sanford says:

“Tight squeeze of time”

David Rank says:

Yeah I completely agree about the stretching. Make sure the blood is good and flowing.

Zi9makin6 says:

Stretching before a run… Yup. Did that the other day, started stretching my calves (sat down on my butt, feet straight infront of me and bent forward, touching my feet with my hands) and 4km in to my 5km the back of my knees started to hurt. I pushed thourgh and set a new bp 22min 55sec 5km. BUT after my run, the backside of my knee was hurting lik hell, I could barely walk…. Not gonna do that same mistake again.

Luce Dowls says:

Just saw the landscape at the beginning anf had to watch this

Jason Hoang says:

Thumbnail be hella relevant. I do that right before and i feel it leaking when i run.

Glad mother natures always available C:

Dennis Rogers says:

Stretching not proven to be beneficial, or not? No one seems to know, for how long, or when etc, it maybe a myth, when I was in school we were never told to stretch, before or after a run, etc, no one did back then with no harmful effects.

If it was necessary then you would see cats, or dogs doing it before running, they only do it after a sleep, and it’s perfectly normal, but before a run, never proven to prevent injuries.


Biggie Jee says:

I can’t even run since my right leg is locked

Ira Bennett says:

I usually try to take a dump before a workout, but on regular runs, I just take a dump in the woods on a run

Euan Sweenie says:

You have huge ears

Muhammad Usama Ashraf says:

03:00 i am pet sure nobody ever mentioned it or thought to mention it ever in the history of running videos before … glad u did … #tipoftheyear award goes to you brother

Gabriel Engel says:

If you REALLY have to go to the bathroom, you’ll go in the woods.

Speaking from experience…

Cam Moore says:

I don’t have a shit before I run, I shit during my run…

BikeVlog LA says:

Bike rides are always great!

E P says:

I squat in the bushes and wipe with my socks

luigi says:

alcohol, eating,sex, sleples

Dennis Rogers says:

Stretching was never a thing when I was going to school, it’s only recently, never stretched, never an issue.

Animals stretch after a nap or sleep and can take off and run without issues and the stretch, or not is a controversial subject.

C.Ruivivar says:

ALWAYS take a PRE-GAME DUMP!! Mean piss and shit before long bouts of running.

Tom From MySpace's Dog says:

Let me save you guys time. Don’t over eat/drink at least 1 hour before your run. Take a shit. Don’t do any static stretching. Don’t over do it on the pre workout/caffeine.

vageta san says:

Dis uglyass forest gump ass nigga rlly took a pic of him takin a shit for the thumbnail

Rammell Transfiguracion says:

I cannot stress how important using the bathroom before a run is.
I’ve had countless moments of having to jump a fence or look for a bush on the side of the road.

Hector Merc says:

I’ve shit myself twice and ounce I had to go under a bridge.

Ziggzu says:

Thanks you for the tips

john mannion says:

where you get the hoka one one shirts?

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