Watch This BEFORE You Start Running HARD Dungeons | Maplestory 2 Dungeon Guide

Running your first hard dungeon is not fun and pretty time consuming, but after a few runs and a few drops, you’ll find yourself blazing through these things! Hope this is Helpful.

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촘 촘 says:

I did a hard dugeon for my first time with a random party and we took 15 minutes which means im lucky?

Juan Antony says:

I got an epic longsword and i think that if i equip it i’ll have 2100+ gs, the problem is that my class is berserker and i use greatswords (i can equip the longsword btw). Do i equip the longsword and start doing hard dungeons or do i keep grinding until i get a greatsword/ other epic equipment?

kingtrident7 says:

Whats ur gear score m8? And do u have both ur epic weps yeet?

Caique Maruê says:

Sorry bro, but i didnt like this video. I think your tips were too much generic, and i know you have the knowledge to do something way better than this…

ZwiiRek Archer says:

Nice vid homie

CipherFly says:

Should I enchant my hard dungeon epics right away or wait for the best bonus attributes like piercing? Or should I wait for chaos raids to enchant? I’m a priest main who only ran FD runs twice on pubs because of how long it took.

Timmy Kay says:

Addicted to your vids. Much love man.

RKMXF says:

Yeah, cause fairfight your “damage” doesn’t matter you clear around the same. The only thing that will drop the runtime is learned placement and how to clear faster not damage improvement.

bla says:

Is it worth enchanting or should I wait for chaotic raid?

Huy Nguyen says:

Fire dragon without a priest is such a pain in the ass

YU2 says:

Can you talk faster? Had to play the video at 2x. c:

Alex Lenh says:


Priest Athest says:

i lower to vulume like 3 times afraid for the yeet

Howie says:

whats the song in the outro

RuthlessFX says:

But don’t you dare to beat your meat

Little Pup says:

arite 1 dislike for the yeet… and 1 like for the yeyeye lol

The man to scared to get a tattoo says:

I dont get life skills still lol do I want to do them on all my characters or just my main.

ToshyBabyWAWA says:

I just got my epic bow and epic belt today, which I immediately enchanted the bow to +6 and reached 2700 GS and 2980 attack as archer. Now I realized I shouldn’t enchant it xd

Dingo says:

You actually did it! xD

BloodTempest says:


o Red says:

New subscriber here. Ur the only one who give good guides.
Keep it up!

Slightly Grim Gaming says:

weaaaaaaak yeet! D: haha

RoseyCx says:

How long did it take you to get all purple Gear ?

HansenPvP ESO says:

y e e T

Khalifa Al M says:

Xenoblade chronicles 2 sound track casually playing in the background.

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