Ultimate Tree Running Guide (Best Farming XP)

This video explains how to do tree runs/fruit tree runs in detail in Oldschool Runescape, with the requirements, methods, route and other tips!

Beginners Farming Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10n4wdrbANM

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Cryslacks says:

Your vids are so informative, great vid as always. You made me start playing osrs again, Cheers!

Chris M says:

No calquat? I never did magic trees myself, or regular trees at all.

NdcintOne says:

Should I be using super compost on tree patches??

Ken-G says:

great vid Bro.

Mainkerio says:

good to see the frequent uploads from you. how the hell do you find time to play the game anymore?

Jahn Rambo says:

Sweet, I’ve been training my farming too lol.

Tracy Mendiola says:

Why not use super compost?

Nekrial says:

Your guides are starting to grow on me.

Rune Master Videos says:

Is konduit approved by jagex?

madsrim says:

for my barrows i got on second kill guthans top (500k) and on 12 i also got ahrims robetop, at the time was 2,95 mil 😛

Kiara N says:

Can you do a hunting guide next?

martij30 says:

I’ve got a tip for the Brimhaven fruit tree patch: take the charter boat from Catherby while you’re there. It’s faster than house tele.

Relic RS says:

Thank you so much for this. Do you think you could do another video down the line which covers an ENTIRE farm run? (Trees, Fruit Trees, Herbs, Vegetables?) Would be awesome!

immer allein says:

the gp/xp has payment included?

Jaleb Jay says:

Missing spirit tree to go to Brimhaven, ring of wealth for Falador, and Tai Bwo Wanna tele (which is expensive) for Calquat.

F Major K says:

Zulrah nerf was an inside job.

Fica q8 says:

ty for guide

Marco Bordier says:

Great vid as always bro!

Slaytina says:

Channel is so shit, But good for those who have never played runescape

een walvis op den droge says:

I’m not 100% sure on this but i think you also get a Roll for the Pet when you harvest the last fruit from the tree, so it is advised to harvest it.

Šarūnas Malinauskas says:

you forgot to put this guide in your video “farming for the begginers” description

Aeroji says:

slayer points quide

Triq says:

Looking forward to the herb run guide

AudreDBAer says:

Great video Theo, I started farming like 3weeks ago and I neeeded this video for a good and efficient start, I had to do my own workings and my own personal root but again great video man keep up the work

dc5mwitt says:

update the description on your beginners guide

Savyn says:

Awesome guide! I just started doing these, this is gonna save me a lot of time. Thank you 🙂

Stickerbrushes says:

1.25x for best

Cameron Lapha says:

You would put a clip of the day for Barrows…
I’ve done 37 runs and have gotten only one barrow’s item, a Karil’s Coif, totaling 49k.

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