Treadmill Running Form For Beginners

In this video we give you the “rundown” on treadmill running form for beginners! Learn how to run indoors, how to safely get off the treadmill without interrupting your workout, and what to look for in your posture and cadence as you go.

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Steve M says:

Hi & greetings from Germany, thanks for all the interesting info

Tiffany Webb says:

I randomly found this video..liked and subscribed. thank you for the tips and content..

Jorgey Boy says:

Thanks for the great ultra informative videos man! I do all my run training on a treadmill over the british winter. You’re so right about if you feel a tweak in your knee for example, you can stop there and then and focus on some leg strengthening or core exercises instead of a long walk home.

iamjustflo says:

I’m afraid of treadmills because the belt always stops or slip on me. Is my foot landing wrong or my posture?

Sarah Djitli says:

This is a really good video, thanks. Since im a beginner, how long should i run each day?

Rania Ramadan says:

Thank you and I hope I don’t fall tomorrow morning

Miszz Maya says:

How long should I run each time to lose weight? and how many times a week?

BIackIist says:

Would you recommend running, even though it kills gains?

krisula Moyer says:

when you say “heal kiss” is that when the heel touches down just before the next bound? or are you saying you are doing a light heal strike as a part of your normal stride? sorry if this is a basic basic question, but after a couple of years and a couple thousand miles logged I still don’t know this.

Karen Clarke says:

Thank you

Naren Mohan says:

How to train your mind to last longer? I know I can run atleast longer than 10 minutes in the treadmill. But at 10th minute, my mind is so into stopping myself from running over.

P.S. just now i promoted myself from 7:30 minutes to 10 minutes.
A video on that would be great

emma brooks says:

This guy is the best! Learnt a lot from this video thank you

Anand Bhadran says:

Whats best speed to run if i am targeting 5 Km morning +5 Km evening a day

Neeraj Navaratna says:

Whats the speed to keep for people between 35 to 40 age.How much time is the right workout?

Jean Lee says:

The longest miles that I ran on the treadmill was 16 miles. I was crazy. Lol…

Atheer M. says:

Treadmill running is also helpful to the ppl who can’t jog or run outside bc their females. Just wanted to point it out. Amazing video ,thanks

Michael Moore says:

So I can exclusively do most of my runs on the treadmill and still be well prepared for races outside

sprusbdwrm says:

too much talking and not enough showing actual good and bad techniques in real time and slow mo

Muhammad Sajjad says:

you are amazing great video, before i used to run outdoor but due to cold and traffic i started using treadmill and its really helpful.

superschmolz says:

Thanks for the advice. I’m watching this as I get ready to go to the gym. I live in Chicago where it can get very cold or snowy or rainy. I’ve used a treadmill many times and in the past I would build up my speed to start. In the last year or so, I’ve been entering the speed I think I should start at. Thanks for the reminder that it’s okay to build up and just jump in at 5 mph.

Steven Simon says:

Thank you!

akshay natu says:

I love your channel..of and you while looking for alternative workouts. I have a spinal nerve impingement so doctors advised me not to get into weight training, Can I still run a marathon in this case? I have a training period of 3 months.. I’d at least like to do a half marathon.

Psychedelic Trance says:

too much of the same theory, how about you demonstrate an actuall run as example?

nick williams says:

I have been running before and have noticed sometimes after a run my calves are very sore. Am I running with a bad form? Also my wife tells me that it looks like I’m doing butt kicks while running. Thanks!

dr seuss says:

informative, and clear for us newbies! good job!

Emma Jeffries says:

cant hear a single thing youre saying your mic is not working

Karthikeyan K says:

how long can a beginner run on a treadmill


What’s the best shoes for running on treadmill? Training shoes or Running shoes?


Michael Moore says:

but is running on a treadmill real running?

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