Titanfall: How to Wall Run, Parkour & Wall Hang (Beginner’s Guide)

Wall Running Routes on Airbase: http://tiny.cc/nhu2dx
PLEASE NOTE: To hang onto walls, press left trigger on the Xbox Controller and right mouse on PC. Also, this video is a beginner’s guide on how to wall run/ parkour in Titanfall. If you have already mastered wall running this is not the video for you.

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John Villarreal says:

Quick question how do you latch on to the wall?

ukinfinite says:

how do you latch onto the wall on the pc version ???? 🙂

Ady Cardiac says:

less then a week ( well friday here in UK )……cant believe its nearly here!……great videos keeping me entertained HitGirl…..looking forward to alot of fun next weekend.

MiG Ren E' says:

Awesome thanks for the info. Wall running looks so sick.

gamerpickle456 says:

Hey I loved ur older bo2 tomahawks only vid plz do somemore

Hamzah Hussain says:

love your videos hitgirl 🙂

simon geary says:

Hey have you played plants v zombies yet?

Kyon Johnson says:

I can’t wait till its out on Xbox 360

pedro infante says:

Awesome video as always keep it up always enjoy watching them

Lilporter92 says:

Lol you have posted so many titan fall videos and the game isn’t out yet

ninja 0224 says:

Thx for upload~

Noah Young says:

Great as always, Bex!

Ursul Daniel says:

i played the beta. nice of you for doing this tutorial for those who have trouble wall-running, but seriously… you kinda have to be dumb to not understand this. sry for being harsh but its true. minimum of logic however … lol

Prad Kricanakarin says:

Thanks for the tips I haven’t been able to utilize my parkour skills effectively and chain them together

Renyk Bellesteres says:

I’ve played at least 50 hours of titanfall xbox 360 and have yet to see anyone wallhang.

USF says:

FPS game with a controller, so gross. 

USeeMeTrolllin says:

How do you hang on walls?

Phi ology says:

 Just go to training simple is that.

HAK Dragon says:

I know it’s weird but are u somehow related to Jackson/Jaxon Dale from titanfall legends?

toni blair says:

Thanks 4 the how to bex

Jameelism says:

Hey Hitgirl. I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS. I thank you for taking the time to show us how to wall run effectively.  You are cooler than blue on a smurf.

MetalPCer says:

Damn, this reminds me of Mirror’s edge!
But I wish this titanfall have the feel of the atmosphere because it seems it doesn’t while holding the firearm.  

thesmartgamer14 says:

I think they made the game controls easy 2 understand i didnt do the training and i still know how 2 do everything

Yaya Diab says:

This is the first time I watch a video for you
Acctually I’m empressed wow there is a girl play shooting games wish to find a girl like you and marry her

Jose Conde says:

Very good beginners guide your cute voice is just a add plus 🙂

ratede91 says:

Sorry to be “That guy” but if you need a beginners guide to wall run in titanfall then bless your hearts. Good day.

Jennifer Huggs says:

SO cool… i didnt think you could link the walls with out touching the ground. looks so hard..but ill see..

Khro says:

One more thing… Sorry to ask ad u can delete this post if u want… Can I have a shout out please? :3

gamerpickle456 says:

My u2be name tho

Bosch671 says:

How do you hang on the wall like that??  I’ve tried it but I just end up sliding off.

Tom Phillips says:

Played hours of the Beta, and had no idea you could clip on a wall. So much to learn still… It’s a steep, but relatively quick and intuitive learning curve. I’m so excited for Tuesday.

Thanks for the tips, keep it up.

Josh Citron says:

Thanks this really helped me! I am getting an xbox one with a Titanfall bundle so i thought i would just get ready. Thanks 😀

BananaMan says:

wow tbh i thought u were just like a fake gamer or something but i still gave u a chance and i found out u actually were an awesome gaming channel lol never judge a book by its cover 😀 keep up the awesome vids !!

The Povey says:

I’m getting Titan fall in 2 days gotta learn how to play! 😀

RoyalRaptor says:

What Titan do you like best ogre stryder or atlas

John Villarreal says:

I also noticed that you can only hip fire while hanging on walls I think haven’t really played around with it.

Eric Avila says:

 A girl giving video game tips? Is that even legal?…Just kidding, I love your accent.

mazterkey 1913 says:

this really helped me a lot thanks for making the vid

Mr Astrix says:

I know how to do all of this

Sapphirus says:

Seriously, there are not enough lady gamers.

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