The Healer’s Guide – S01E01: Running Your Energy

In the first episode of the Healer’s Guide, Brad Johnson provides instruction on how you can feel the running of the energy through your body and how this energy is harnessed. Plus you will explore helpful healing methods that will begin your journey as an applied self-healer.

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Martina P says:

Wow that was awesome.

Dustin Brad says:

it would be totally impossible to pick a fav video of yours knowing your intentions to Help inform and benefit earth and humanity, I love everything you’ve created, GoODeARTh, …..but the energies within this video are reeeeally helpful & currently tied for favorite video. ThankYou lots n lots

Krystla DeAhaniel says:

Thank you, Brad.

April Wright says:

Thank you for the healing teachings.

Radu says:

Hi Brad, thank you very much for this information. I have been doing similar exercises in meditation to attain higher states of consciousness and to heal my body with very promising results. I also feel it as a liquid white light that enters with the breath and spreads through the body with the out-breath.

The breathing with all pores and walking whilst breathing seems very correct to me and I will incorporate it into my practice.

Thank you again.


fariba tadjally says:

Thank you brad you are wonderful

EvenStar LoveAnanda says:

You forgot to mention why we should not heal with our own energy.
Yes it will drain you, but more than that, if you claim you have healed someone, you will create egoic constriction for yourself.
And you may take on their disease.
The higher power will give the healing if the person is ready to receive it.
If not, nothing will happen.
But if you force a healing with your own energy, you are interfering with their free will and you will take on their karma, that created the disease in the first place.
Thanks Brad, nice video!

EvenStar LoveAnanda says:

Why are your videos so grayed out???

Energy Is Everything (EIE) says:

Thank you for sharing this. I’m looking forward to the additional 5 healers guide videos.

Sacred Center says:

excited for this series! started focusing on breathing techniques and free form tai chi about a year ago and man it really has a massive effect on the body. Forgot about the rapid dragon breath one, that technique is incredibly powerful. Infinite love, light and support.

John Breen says:

Hi Brad. I listened to a broadcast from beyond the ordinary show that the ancient eastern text state that the chakras are clear? As is the energy involved. I think her name was chemsky. Or Chomsky she is an author of several books. Just sharing. Thx. John Breen.

jenthang says:

Thank you so much for this, Brad! I know I’m going to enjoy this series 🙂

Tiffany Ratzman says:

Oh wow I’ve learned so much from this video, thank you Brad <3
Great breathing exercises and I've only ever just thought of breathing/surrounding myself with white light, I never even considered the colors of the chakras!

Thomas Pettersen Channeling says:

Thx for this. My mother has always told me that I am a healer, and this was a great movie/session to learn more. I use to create a white heart of light and send it to people or just use it as a guard to suck up any darkness around. This heart illuminates the room i´m in. Sometimes its hard to see it if i´m low in energy/vibration. But relaxing and letting go of ego and old belife systems always brings back the white light. And if I brings it out with my heart it shines very bright, often it can take on a golden light to. Well I am training myself. 2016 is shaping up to be a year of illumination where I conquer my fears, my ego and old bad belif systems. If I can undo the darkness which I have been through, I hope I can help others which have been going through the same. I see a line where my life has been dark and fragile, but through that darkness and learning I create an even bigger light, because I now understand what darkness is and can help more and faster get people or myself out of it. I hope this makes any sense. I still have a path to walk through, but at least i´m walking it now. When I look back at what I were I cant say i´m very proud of it, but maybe that was what I had to go through to come to this point. To truly understand myself and let out a light of pure heart. Oki this got long. Much love to all here. This is much needed for my life and others I know. Much love to you Brad 🙂

Lana dubes says:

great stuff..thank you Brad

tiger magic heart says:

i cant believe..I hardly can hear the video..just yesterday I tried to pass healing through violet flame I felt the most connected with to my mother and she without aware of it phone me to tell that she is better a few minute latter… I told a friend I am sure that if I come from heart I will receive guidness and here it is …..ask and u receive…so much love

Tammy Stewart says:

Thank you for this Brad. Excellent content as usual. Much love to you. <3 Namaste.

Tribal Vibes Leather Denise says:

Whats up with the Thumbs Up (4,616) and Thumbs Down (3,984) with 310 Views?
Strange. Might check on that – all those incorrect Thumbs Down might affect where your videos come up?

Pavel Arshavsky says:

thanks Brad it was grate

Pauli Ranney says:

Thank you, Brad. Timing is always divine. Nemaste

gametangia says:

Great stuff ! I just wanted to mention i listened to a lot of TReb stuff from Rob and he often described a meditation where you first ground and then replace the colors in your chakra centers with with white light as a form of neutralizing. I use this one often and it helps me center and does not make me burn out fast.

Unbounded Mind says:

Hey mate.
Fellow Lightworker, long time sub, keep up the good work man.
Just thought I should note that you only have episodes 1/4 in the healers guide playlist.

-Kind Regards.

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