The Essential Red Dead Redemption 2 Starter Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 explains the majority of its gameplay systems, but the sheer size of its massive world might slow you down a bit. To help you get started, here are 8 tips that will help you hit the ground running in Rockstar’s latest open-world adventure.


Oddball_E8 says:

A video called “The Essential Red Dead Redemption 2 STARTER Guide” starts with a disclaimer that it may contain spoilers…

Maybe don’t make starter guides with spoilers in them???

Crimson Gumba says:


Anacondor says:

If you read this please help me!

Where and how can I see the temperature in my location in Red Dead Redemption 2 and how do I know if it’s an average, cold or hot temperature?

Brock Nichols says:

Thanks. Been grinding this game. This helped..

Aubergine Bellen says:

Why can’t people from England or the North East of the U.S. pronounce the letter T? It’s not a “bu’un” it’s a “buTTON.”

Kameron Wocel says:

What coat is that at 1:30??

Dave B says:

Whats the outfit called at 8:10

Yago Moreira says:

“May contain spoilers” or “Spoilers free”? Because you cant do both.

Daniel Cielak (Student) says:

What happens after you finish the story? Will you free roam play? Or have to start the game again?

Natelelouch says:

Playing this game felt a lot like playing san andreas back when it first came out

hamre94 says:

You dont need to “hold” down the “A” buttom when u in autopilot(Cinematic mode)

shawn ledet says:

I was told to study animals to see the best weapon to get their pelts at optimum condition, can’t use a bow and arrow; Seen a few users on Reddit lament about using a bow and not getting legendary pelts.

steve logitech says:

awesome video thankls

The Hominid says:

I keep accidentally shooting people instead of talking to them.

It is becoming a serious problem.

Mickey@Kswiss says:

PRO TIP! To upgrade stamina faster, you gotta sprint.
But wait, don’t just mash the sprint button like u do in other games, it’s a timing thing.
You gotta tap X/A in sync with Arthur’s strides & the game will give +20 XP to stamina more frequently.
Same thing with your horses’ gallops!

Marcus Booker says:

Stop making stupid videos and let people enjoy and discover this glorious game on their own !

SamuraiBurgerDog says:

Don’t use a bow as often as possible. It only yields better quality pelt for certain animals.
I’ve never had an issue with the fences not talking to me as long as the bounty hunters aren’t in the area.

Paul Flores says:

My ADHD is not having it. Red Dead is overwhelming. My mind runs 100 mph. This game requires patience, maybe school zone speed. It’s freakn superbly beautiful tho!

Greg Recovski says:

Game gets a 9.9 out of 10 from me. -0,1 for interacting with everything for 600 years… game’s basicly an almost everything simulator 😀

Mr Graft says:

Fuck all this stupid shit. I need to know how to fucking shoot people. Can’t aim and shoot, don’t know what it is, game feels clunky as shit.

LouieGMDesign13 says:

For some reason I cannot figure out how to go into “concentrated” mode when shooting as shown from 4:14 to 4:18. I think it’s a good technique when being confronted by a group of guys trying to shoot you down. What should I press on the controller to do this?

Yakuu says:

You will meet a FENCE 😀 hahaha that is a good one :p

locke2517 says:

Here’s another tip. Dont attempt to hold somebody up at gun point if you are within arms reach of that person. I did this and the guy was able to slap my gun out of my hand. He then tackled me to the ground, and proceeded to repeatedly punch me in the face. I was kinda shocked the AI was capable of that.

Beck Foreman says:

Once you activate the cinematic camera, you can let go of X and the horse will continue to follow the path.

RegalTigerProductions says:

To be clear you do NOT have to pay off your bounty to talk to a fence. I have max bounties in all states (yes I know, what a lowlife) and it still let’s me talk to fences (of both variety)

lemonjuice says:

Fuck off with your unoriginal videos

Jonathan Noriega says:

Can anyone tell me how I save a hat that I find so I can use it permanently

James Beardmore says:

My best tip for future vids. Lay off the lame jokes. The advice given in the vid is great.

Aldo L'Amico says:

I’m not sure about this game. I’m 10% in the story and I have nothing special or a clear understanding how to achieve anything. Is this normal or do I need to take more random excursions?

Tay Tay says:

they left john for dead in 1899 not 1906

Dylan Ryan says:

Just bought it never played it. Am I screwed. I am nervous.

FKnFREAK says:

You don’t have to hold the X/A
button while in cinematic mode …Just get the horse going and he will keep going on his own ..

The Mexicano Show says:

I have $100,000

SizeableVermin says:

My fucking horse got hit by a train.

sonofgib92 says:

Old mate sounds like a Belter from the Expanse

Adam 12 says:

Question from an old guy: Why wont the game let me talk to Abigail for a mission at camp and how do I pick up a gun on the ground. Thank You.

Said Zueke says:

Most boring game

Ryan's Rants says:

>he or she

john zaknich says:

Can you only play as a male ?

Morphiuz says:

5 is utter BS. I remember having my minimap on and he said the same

pepe says:

I reckon these were some good tips

cerberusxxxx says:

not gonna lie i really want i giant mechanical spider to get around in.

Brett Sullivan says:



Shame the controls, movement, gun play and 30 fps feel like fucking shit.

Andrew Ihle says:

Do you know there’s a letter “T” and how to pronounce it perhaps?

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