The Best Baal running character in the Game – The Javazon – Complete Guide Diablo 2

An enigma based baal running Javazon build guide.

Time Stamps
00:45 Intro
02:15 Attributes
03:41 Bow and Crossbow Skills
04:01 Passive and Magic Skills
07:38 Javalin Skill Tree
09:52 Gear
22:05 Merc Gear
23:41 Example Run
28:05 Conclusion

Player X Command

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Andreas Chaniotakis says:

insane dmg

vargo hoat says:

is this heroes of might and magic 3?

Christian Haydensen says:

I disagree that amazon is the best baal runner. Her biggest disadvantage is slow time getting to throne room. Lightning sorceress can do that much quicker and her killing speed of waves is almost just as fast (using static field). Where amazon is definitely faster is killing baal, but I don’t think it compensates slow teleportation.

Barney Barney says:

14:46 thats not phoenix, its hybrid rw with phoenix runes but spirit rw..

Vanill llinav says:

Ever considered making a video on lootfilter addons for single player.

#Avoid the clutter

Matthew Stevens says:


FluffyFractalshard says:

bua, du bist so hängablim! hör doch auf mit dem scheiss, du spast!

Chris says:

Mephy dropped me a +4 195%ed tstrokes last night! 🙂 was excited because my previous was a +2 with lower dmg

TheYabuk says:

You should Talk more from the chest. TALK FROM THE CHEST!

Jake Perry says:

Something something Windforce.

Sir Fox Gaming says:

Awesome video mate. Very nice with the in-depht and detailed explanation around everything with the javazon. This will help a lot of people out. 🙂

Synn says:

What do you think of Sanctuary shield?? 20 FHR, 20 faster block rate, 20 chacne to block, 50-70 res, 20 dex. Perhaps the 2 skills on spirit outclasses it, but i think this is very viable! plus Ko Ko Mal is not hard to find imo.

LazyStoner says:

Thx for the info dude!

S B says:


Kamrat says:

Why do i never see Diablo 2 streamers play hammerdins?

The Iceman says:

Dam she thicc

M P says:

I think the Double Swing Barb is better

ChrisI vern says:

Super ultra mega neat guide video!! Digging it man! Big D gang!

Judas Priest says:

Do Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike and Open Wounds work on Javelins?

andy lawson says:

Razortail on a Java for pvm and 9 points after skills/battle command in pierce for 100% pierce mobs. It’s an absolute must!

Mateuzinho Rodrigues says:


Agguh says:


Royal Republican says:

just bot hammerdin

Aaron Null says:

Seeing every build around Enigma just gets boring if I’m being honest. I wish that one runeword hadn’t just made everything else obsolete. I appreciate your work and ideas – love watching your streams. Just miss the days when overpowered runewords didn’t make so many of the game’s more interesting quantifications work.

HereticAnthem55 says:

Javazon pros: fast boss killer
Javazon cons: chance to miss a unique hydra bow = 100%

wwadkwona says:

Isn’t it annoying/costly to keep repairing those Tstrokes though? It seems like you mostly just target elite packs so I guess you wouldn’t run out that quickly. I tend to clear everything

Taqke `gK says:

greetings Db … how much do I remember because they have spent more than 13 years that has been the last time I played diablo I had believed one of the best amazons even faster … I preferred 2 rings a bulkathos one raven … nosferatus belt … boot and gloves i do not remember but i remember i have used armor archon 100 life 4 socked 60/60 ias resist jewel, perfect griffon with 15/15, etherial matriarchal upg 200/9, cta 6/6/4, full inventory 1x java skill and 4x lifes … i think i send 1 email blizzard if they let me back accound: D he has taken good time for the old but very beautiful times 🙁

Sniper Lover says:

Javazon+Infinity+Enigma = insane

Fatty 180 says:

Javazon is insanely good for killing everything imo but the problem i used to have with javazon is a Bad Fcr+ 3x dodge skill bug which makes her stuck during certain times any suggestions sir?

Chinchi37 says:

14:43 … thats not a phoenix shield xD

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