Worst tourist scam in Prague continues – these people are still changing money on the street. And we keep running after them…
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš


Ravi kant says:

I appreciate your team for this brave work ,… Thanks to aware the people

Anti-Social says:

I’m looking forward for the top 5 beergarden places

Lotse-Akademie says:

You are a hero, mate!

Scorpion CZ says:

Hele nechci nic říkát ale kamaráde v ČR tak kde žiješ tak tam jo tam je legální občanské zadržení. Kdyby jsi ho pouze složil na zem a zajistil tak by neutekl a ani by se o to nesnažil. Jinak v druhém světle je pěkně že se někdo zastane cizinců.

Hitch Dreyse says:

Oh my, what fuckballs, thank you for cleaning the streets.

andrew christian says:

Scammer:fucking no fucking camera fuck no
You:fuck yes

Diana says:

I heard there is a shit ton of porn happening in Prague is it true???

Cringe Land says:

5:25 is not a Romanian …. is gipsy

Nikolay Logachevskiy says:

Thank you guys so much for what you’re doing!

J Wong says:

Where do these scammers come from? Poland, Romania…?

qbapau says:

Janek I visit Prague quite often. What you do is priceless for Prague. You should become honorary citizen of Prague. If I ever meet you you will get a beer bro. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Poland.

Tarek Noor says:

Harassing scammers on street is hella fun! Subscribed.

Andreas Proesser says:

good work !

Doru Badircea says:

Thanks you ! On the behalf of honest Romanian guys, thanks a bunch..bust them all!!

IOS Es_cape says:

God damn I love this channel

Candi Soda says:

LOL 4:02 as soon as you see this dudes age i was thinking “hmm no way in hell this old fart is going to run haha”

Tanvir's Vlog says:

i love ur work honest guide

Andi Mocanu says:

It’s sad that so many of my compatriots are so scammy and corupt, going in other counties and tricking people. Most of them aren’t even romanian. They’re gypsy or rommma, just like a nasty plague on our country.

Karel Vrána says:

Jste prostě řízci 😀

Bogdan Daescu says:

I’m from romania

Ayy LMAO says:

Czech Batman

waflmlk says:

H-he’s fast!

TheDarckerts says:

What language speaks in the intro?

philip_statho says:

Oh god I just discovered your channel

Trevor Howard says:

its funny to see you run after them

Gaming with David says:

Make this a series for example scam Sunday

omar abdi says:

Wel donne nice job

deviation1000 says:

You’re doing God’s work. I wish they were more people like you in Paris, which is infested with scam artists

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