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“Lee Hobbs with Asics describes the 3 main foot types and the corresponding footwear categories most running shoe companies use. Learn more about your arch type and if you are an under pronator, neutral or tend to over pronate. Understanding your arch type will help you in purchasing the right running shoes that will make running more enjoyable and reduce your potential for injury.

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AMBHockey41 says:

Good job Lee! Thanks for the info. I think I fall into the stability category. 🙂

RunningWILD555 says:

Forget about gate analysis, and I don’t mean to sound rude, and I realize you said this a while ago, but it isn’t a different shoe or orthotics that will help you, if possible, lose the shoes and try running barefoot, the high heeled and arched shoes you see today are actually weakening your foot, and while it might hurt in the beginning, gradually shifting to barefoot running will actually strengthen your feet. Don’t believe me? Check out the videos on YouTube, there’s hundreds.

67blackgirl says:

thank you

Michael Duan says:

haha ya i play lacrosse now, and i find it hard to explode with speed and run fast

gitburdan says:

So if we are severe or mild flatfooted, we should use stability shoes?

eulluisgtr34 says:

Great explanation!

Jean-Yves Doucet says:

You shouldn’t land on your heel when you`re running

RunningWILD555 says:

A. Don’t try to keep up then, do what is right and healthy for you, not others.
B. I know it sounds wrong, but even try running barefoot, it has been proven to be much healthier for you, just make sure you start off easy because it takes some getting used to.

And yes I realize you posted this a while ago, but its never too late to be healthy.

pr says:

I can’t tell how my feet land. But I looked at the soles of my shoes and they are all worn out on the outside (laterally) from heal to toe. Does that mean I “under probate”???!!

Ps: I wear custom made insole orthotics.


TherapyPerformance says:

Have you had your gait analysed? Perhaps a stability shoe or motion control shoe would be suitable and support your arch. This could minimize knee movement and reduce your pain.

Michael Duan says:

I have flat feet and its hard to run. but if it takes me twice the energy to keep up, then ill have to still barrell my way through it.

lifematch says:

@bike4aday i m going to wear orthotics, so is it still good? how about the nimbus, i heard there were good too?

opiumden34 says:


Angil Green says:

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Simon Johnson says:

Tip!  Learn to use your feet as designed – point your toes forward, learn to run like this – the way you were born to run!  Manufacturers designed these different shoes to make you think you have an irreparable problem with your natural stance!  Start from the beginning and learn to use the strength of your arch.  Buy Flat shoes (heel is same as forefoot)  you do not need the cushioning you are told.  This is a lie by manufacturers to make money only.  Remember you were born to run – unlearn the bad habits – run with toes pointing forward, Glutes Tight, Abs tight back and shoulders straight and heads up.  Don’t wear shoes when it’s safe to.
Don’t believe me?  Read books based on Born to Run. It really works – produces better performance and much less chances of injury.

bike4aday says:

@lifematch Asics DS Trainer 16

VetoSchwarz says:

me too ,and it hurts . big time ! =(

chris s says:

i hate how i have flat feet im 13 and it keeps me from playing sports because everytime it hurts, also my knee “moves” because apperantly it is not devolped fully i hate it!!

Panguin says:


gitburdan says:

May be you need custom orthopedic insoles for your shoes. If i were you, i would consult with an ortopedist or a foot surgeon. It might cause serious problems in long term.

lifematch says:

i have flat feet. what should i get?

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