RUNNING FOR BEGINNERS – Ten Tips For a Better Running Experience

In this video I share my top 10 best running tips to help you get the most out of your runs. Many beginner runners struggle to get through their runs, and recover from them, making the whole process a difficult and uncomfortable one. Running should be a joy and NOT something you dread doing. Putting these tips to use will help you enjoy your runs more and make you become a better runner in a shorter amount of time.

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Tests says:

this isnt for beginners….

Dolly Vianney says:

When ur running a marathon in 2 days so I’m basically dead

Joe Tiso says:

excellent video, very informative.

Marianne Michael says:

You made running actually sounds really expensive 🙂 and I see the video is more like an advertising to certain goods that you can use. I would’ve appreciated getting more tips as to what’s the best time for running (morning or afternoon) whether to eat or not before running, how to adjust your breathing while running, how long should I run as a beginner? How can i wisely increase the duration by time? should I run every day or every other day? Technique of running, etc.

The Drunk Monk says:

These don’t really sound like tips for beginners. Most beginners don’t start out with marathons that require food and water mid-run.

SuperAvocado says:

I don`t think sport drinks are gimmicks, otherwise you wouldn`t see professional tennis or soccer players for example drinking sport drinks during matches.
The truth is that professional runners might benefit from sport drinks, but if you`re a beginner you won`t need a sport drink since it contains a lot of sugar and electrolytes and you probably won`t spend much energy in the beginning.

Adam Kay says:


Poonam T says:

Great tips.. Thank you.. Canu show us some streches after running?

HaveMercy says:

Running can be scary for a beginner. These tips are really helpful. I started documenting my journey with running on my channel to help keep me motivated. Hope it helps me stay on track!!

Ryan Amis says:

Glad I found you’re vid, and especially that you showed the Chi Running book….I’m a brand new runner and was totally running heel strike, no pelvic rotation, poor posture, running upright without forward lean, etc….SOOOOO glad you showed that book, absolutely killer technique. Thanks!

Jim says:

You could certainly carry food and water with you. Not saying it’s a bad idea, but I find that if you drink your water daily then you should be hydrated on your run. Your body uses water you consumed two days before. Also unless it’s a marathon you should be able to run the entire run without carrying food and water.

YataMirror says:

Why do I get blurry vision while I start running after a year

MrKelso159 says:

I have a juicer and I just put the juice in 2 water bottles and just carry them in my hands cause I hate stuff bouncing around my waist when I’m running and when I empty one I just throw it away when passing a trash can. I always have disposable water bottles around. Works out great for me. Good video and great info.

Jonathan Berman says:

The Nike Running app on my phone on my armband is perfect for knowing pace

35ozgur says:

I wanna lose weight that’s why I will run with empty stomach I drink plenty water also I will have mineral water and l carnitine drink it has caffeine as well later I wil have breakfast 🙂 I like baby biscuits … but they have sugar …

Treadmill says:


Justin M says:

So this is what “that guy” is like. So many gear head wanna be’s out there. Next he’s going to tell you to wear full a body compression suit including socks and head cap.

Caitlin Ann says:

Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait for a new video:)

Elsa Saini says:

love this video..great tips

Banks Beasley says:

Who is watching in 2k16

Aref Qazanfari Savadkoohi says:

excellent! short and brief all basic tips.

Allan Alberts says:

i listen to science podcasts. Gets you thinking expecially if the questions they answer are by other listeners. Before i know it, im almost home even though im thinking deeply about our solar system, biology etc .. My fav music makes me remember how fatigued i am to quickly expecially if its high tempo music.

Erin Vaughn says:

You can buy re-usable baby food squeeze pouches 🙂

Miriam Donnell says:

Great video- dangerous spiritual message with the CHI running. Chi is using not ancient arts- but the same ancient demons (the power from within) and the God in you- all of that is deceiving you. Just a warning if you care to know the truth. I will use your tips other than that one:D

FPSGeorge says:

I love hydration belts!! 😀

Shri Usha says:

good tips.. agree with all of them… would really appreciate if you could tell about posture & breathing techniques while running as well.

Smash That Like Button says:

I don’t think these are beginner tips. I am 15 and quite obese I might add and started running four times a week about 7 miles but I am working on pacing myself so that tip helped. I start off really fast and slow down to a 7 minute 30 mile, whereas when I start I go at a 6.20 minute mile.

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