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In this video, I talk about my experiences with running. I consider myself a full-time runner. I run for exercise and weight loss.

Since January 2016, I have lost over 130lbs. I documented my entire journey on my Instagram account – @jordanshrinks. I am now trying to get into YouTube.

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Jusuuw says:

Just gonna say if people is gonna run while being in hungover.. DON’T. It’s not healty do excercise when you have hungover or your sick. Running while sick can damage you and make you more sick and danger your health. Same goes to hungover. As she said, she puked while running.. It should be a red alert to everyone

vidssurfer says:


FemBot says:

Running does not work for me! It does something to my uterus!! I know that sounds weird but my uterus hurts after with major cramps and once I ran during my period and it stopped for two days. Ugh. I wasn’t even fat back then either so it wasn’t the weight, I could run for 30 minutes which is 5km no problem but I had to stop because it was scary. Also brands of shoes fit differently so it is a good idea to go with a brand that fits your foot. Go to an actual running store like the Running Room and get properly fitted.

Persephone says:

jfc i can only run like 4 mins

angelina says:

omf same! I once went running and almost got run over cuz I was imaging some scene about my Otp and situations in which they would fuck lmaaaao O/~/O

Aubrey Holt says:

Thank you so much for this video. Words cannot describe how much you sharing your journey is helping me.

EmmmmmB says:

I have a treadmill and I run on it because running outside is rough on my knees. Running on the treadmill, for some reason, doesn’t hurt my knees. But I’ve been criticized for running on a treadmill: “You run on a treadmill ? It’s so stupid, you could run outside!”
What?! It’s so stupid people make comments like that, I’m exercising, I’m gonna do it like I want to! No matter what you do, people will find a way to criticize…

Samantha Rank says:

What is an ideal calorie count for someone very obese to start out with?

Ana Rodriguez says:

I’m trying to lose weight for my health too, you inspire me so much, I was wondering if you could do a video focused on the gym routines you had when you started and all that until now, please thank you I love you

gais b says:

I’m 55 and jog 8

Aidee Chavez says:

Thanks so much ❤️

Lgemme1 says:

Hey girl! I love your videos! I was a runner for 4 years during highschool! And something I didn’t know was that you want to go to an actual runners store and get your foot sized to the actual shoe and not just the size of the shoe to your foot size. Depending on your body and how your body and spine are alined will depend on how much support you need. This will help with pain, shin splints, back issues and all that! Your videos are going to make me start running again!

Carly Tank says:

Where did you get that blanket?!?! So cute!!

Faye Murray says:

I think you are one of the most honest, fun, relatable and motivational women on social media. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Much love :-*

Gina Glaser says:

i love ur weight loss but i also have another question how do you do your make up please do a tutorial on your style and make up

bookmouse770 says:

If someone is making fun of you while working out…..imagine, “Yes Bitch!” Lol! love you!

JoMarieHartup says:

Girl, I just died on an elliptical machine, you have powers.

Qx Vico says:

I love your style

埃尔南德斯羅斯琳 says:

Kurt cobain

Pyaa says:

I started running not a long time ago and I love it ! I always had a hard time with keeping my speed and I’ll not try your way !

Kayla Kalbaugh says:

I’m 5″3 1/2 and 188 lbs I’m starting with the gazelle supra which has little impact on your body but you can have resistance or no resistance as well i plan on running soon

iashrai says:

I have just started running/jogging. And i can only run for 5 to 10 mins. This is when I take breaks, so running 30 sec- 1 min and then walking for a min, 30 sec-1 min running… I am in my 20’s so it’s embarrassing lol

MiniMarie says:

There’s an app you can dowload if you like zombie stuff… you set how long you want to run and while you walk run whatever it tells a story and in it your a survivor!

Leena Yousri says:

If I way 170 lbs could I start as a runner ?

badapple says:

Just started running consistently two weeks ago. I’m falling in love with it. Every time I run I go a little bit further and become more in-tune with my body (and mind! It’s like meditating!)

Tonight, I ran a mile straight without stopping. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in my life. Before now, I’d “run” in maybe 20-second bursts and call it quits.

I’ve learned how to pace myself and focus on my breathing. I’ve learned that it takes consistency. Get. Up. And. Do. It. Otherwise nothing will change.

I found your channel at the perfect time because if I ever need a boost in confidence/motivation, I watch your videos! Thank you for filling me with hope!

ally mendez says:

You only do cardio?

Maddy S says:

How did you start on the treadmill walking 4mph at a 15 incline? I tried that and literally couldn’t do it for 10 seconds!! My feet and shins hurt so bad! (10x worse then when I jog) Did you hold on to the treadmill while doing it or something ?

Amanda Inez says:

Gahh you are amazing, I am so motivated lol

Ainsley Autumn says:


Chibi Chan says:

Omg I love you, you’re so awesome! Your videos are really inspiring and helpful. Thank you for all of the encouragement. It’s hard to find people who understand this struggle and give a realistic way to cope.

Darling Yellow says:

I love that closing statement about being at the gym and feeling judged. Thank you



Julia says:

Where did you get your blanket from :((

stoplyinn says:

Is that a Venom sweater?

Mara Patricia says:

How much did you weight when you started running?

Sofie Mofie says:

Anyone know where I can get these glasses!?!?

Ashley Elizabeth says:

Running is hard. I have no stamina and chub rub/ i hate when pants roll under my stomach lmao also my neighborhood unfortunately isnt the greatest to run in.

Andrew Humphreys says:

Is it bad that I fantasised about you eating a banana ? Mint channel btw, running in winter is better for you purely based on the fact your body burns more calories trying to stay warm! Great work keep up the videos !

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