Running Fallout 3 in Windows 10: A guide to the basics

Many people seem to have problems getting Fallout 3 to be stable and playable under Windows 10.

Fallout 3 is a ten year old piece of software. You can’t expect it to run flawlessly in a modern operating system without a little effort. But there is a way to get the game stable and playable.

This is a discussion of the steps I’ve taken to get a solid, stable Fallout 3 installation that I can play for hours without crashing (even though it is heavily modded).

This is NOT a tutorial! I do cover some technical issues regarding Fallout 3 and show what mods I’ve used to keep the game from crashing, but I do not show how to install the game. There are better tutorials available for that sort of thing than I could ever hope to produce.

This video discusses the following topics in getting Fallout 3 to run properly under Windows 10:

-The need for the 4GB and Windows Live patches
-The benefits of buying the game from GOG
-Required .ini edits
-Fallout Script Extender (FOSE)
-Fallout Stutter Remover (FSR)
-New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC)

Highly recommended resources, installation guides and tutorials:

Modding Fallout 3 : My Way series by Gamer Poets video playlist

Fallout 3 Tutorials playlist by Gopher

Mods and utilities highlighted in this video:

FOSE (Fallout Script Extender):

FSR (Fallout Stutter Remover)

Gamer Poets Fallout 3 My Way – Modding Resources

NVAC (New Vegas Anti Crash)

OneTweak for FO3

If you download and use any of the above mods, be sure to endorse them to show your support for the mod author.

My Fallout 3 Visual Overhaul Mod Spotlight

I recommended buying the game from GOG as it already has the 4GB and Windows Live patches enabled. The same goes for Fallout: New Vegas…

Fallout 3 on GOG:

Fallout: New Vegas on GOG:


rusty shackleford says:

I already bought the game on steam. I’m not spending another 20 dollars just to get the game again. Thanks for the suggestion but I’m content in making the steam version work

JDar-O says:

You deserve more views!

Xaos Bob says:

Hey, how did you know I was spooling up an FO3 install over the weekend? lol Thank you for making this!

You run FO3 in MO. I want to, but while the other tools boot up fine in MO, the actual launcher and FOSE simply crash immediately. Do you have any suggestions? I was going to resort to NMM using the virtual install system, but I really miss the control of MO.

Aron James says:

Thank You So Much It Worked.

AdrasteaMoon says:

I’m honestly about to start crying from happiness cause I got these on sale so I could finally play them, and LORD they are such a pain in the ass to run. Thank you so much!!

jakhar says:

thanks i get my good pc back this week burned out the liquid cooling had to replace it ,now i can play fo3 on my good pc without bugs ,great work.

Thomas Agostino says:

These stability guides are so appreciated, thank you

Nobody says:

Really helpful video.
Though I gotta disagree with the expectation of buying an old game a company is still happy to sell.

alex Luzuriaga says:

i bought fallout 3 from gog but it doesn’t work please help

toastkiller 7 says:

what path would i use for the stutterremover.ini file if i use vortex?

Beezer P.O.P. says:

Thanks a bunch for this. While I had not had much difficulty in getting FO3 running (with 4GB fix and GFWL fix) I was starting to think about a modded go through the game.
Do you use the Updated Unofficial Patch? and if not, I am interested in your reasons – I like to hear experienced mod users explain the pros and cons of mods.

nikko validor says:


Sleepy .Time says:

they will be on Windows 20 and ill still be using Windows 7

Fleer Ultra says:

I wouldn’t double dip for FNV with the GoG version. I could see it for FO3, because games for Windows live is annoying & all the other benefits you listed. But the 4gb patch for FNV takes literally 2 seconds to install.

Still I enjoyed seeing your approach to getting FO3 stable & totally get why you didn’t want to go the TTW route. I’m curious & would like to possibly see your approach to getting FNV stable on Win 10. Keep up the good work!

PurpleStorm8 says:

If a game is being sold in 2018 on Steam, it’s not unreasonable for people to expect it to work right off the download, just like how it’s not unreasonable for Steam users to expect to play Bulletstorm when it’s DRM prevents play.

Razqua says:

So I’m trying to do what you said with the ini files. However a small hickup. There is no fallout.ini in my steam install. There is a Fallout_Default.ini and a FalloutPrefs.ini.

Fallout_Default.ini had the bInvalidateOlderFiles setting so I changed it there. However there is no iNumHWThreads in either file.

BANana says:

Great video man, Thank you!

Ross Graham says:

I will use this tutorial whenever I install Fallout 3 again in the future. Cheers Man! 😀

falloutpc1 says:

Been hoping for a 64 bit SE for F03 & NV. Thanks for the guide.

PieLord63 says:

Two days i try to fix fallout 3 from crashing and this video help me fix it about an hour

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