Runner’s Guide to Running on Zwift

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– Garmin footpod (ANT+ only):
– MileStone Pod (BLE only):
– Stryd Live (ANT+ and BLE):
– 4iiii Heart Rate Monitor:




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**U.S. residents only**
– Garmin footpod (ANT+ only):
– MileStone Pod (BLE only):
– Stryd Live (ANT+ and BLE):
– 4iiii Heart Rate Monitor:

Whether at home or in the gym, Zwift Run will make your indoor running experience more social and motivating. Running on Zwift is simple. All you need is a footpod and your phone to start running.Download Zwift, pair your Zwift to your footpod or compatible treadmill and you are on your way.


Manuel Calleja says:

Thanks for this video. I thought one needed a “smart” treadmill in order to connect with Zwift. Nice to know it’s just the footpod that connects to Zwift and an old treadmill will work fine. Oh and I’m located in Canada so don’t include me for the give away. Keep the content coming. You + Shane + DC Rain have the best cycle run tech content

Win Henry says:

Keep doing good videos with your channel it is so difficult to get subscribers when you begin I bought the kicker core after watching your noise video thanks for your time and effort ! # 600

Eric Wheeler says:

Would the ant+ garmin footpod through a CABLE or Viiiiva give a little more accuracy with pace changes than the Milestone?

Edward Ng says:

Good stuff, good stuff!

Israel Arroyo says:

in my opinion, running in zwift is not fun like cycling, part of this problem is the lack of smart treadmill to simulate the terrain but is a great solution especially in winter time when is snowing. Good Vid Tariq, you are improving your channel.

Greg Kretovic says:

Nice job introducing folks to running on Zwift! I started a few weeks ago and am really liking it — especially the workouts.

Jamie Janos says:

How accurate is Zwift for running?

nad sim says:

Hello, did you try the Stryd powermeter? if yes what do you think about it?
I’m interested in it mostly for the pace accuracy (not really the power which i don’t think is that usefull and accurate for running), thanks 🙂

Kyungdahm Yun says:

Never tried running on Zwift, but it looks quite interesting. How would it be like using it when running outside?

Adam Beaver says:

Love all the great information. Thanks for a great giveaway. If I win, I have to buy a treadmill. Small house problems!

Fernando Gazzola says:

I cycle in Zwift but after watching this video I might seriously look into buying a 2nd hand treadmill mill and give running a try. Thanks for the info!

Todd Wall says:

Enjoying your content, especially the cycling stuff. Hoping to purchase a wahoo kicker core soon.

Keep it coming!

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