[Runescape 3] Quick Daily Shop Running Guide (Money Making)

The full run took ~3 mins and 45 seconds. Under today’s GE prices, the profit I made 525k in this run (input cost was 873k). This tallies up to 8m+ profit per hour over the long term basis. I only showed you the fastest route I can think of.

You may also buy Feathers from other shops (as their prices have risen hard). I didn’t include Yak-Hides because it is tedious and click intensive having to run back and forth banking those hides.

I didn’t include the Varrock Battlestaff shop because I buy them with my Supreme Jack of Trades run, as it is near the shop. They do restock at reset time, which is convenient.


Sam Black says:

You forgot to collect Sand from Bert in Yannile as you’re running past!

MrVidsAllDay says:

Although it requires 7-8 minutes of time and some patience, I would also recommend buying 1k yak hides on Jatizo daily for extra cash. It costs 50k gp, and will earn you back 350-500k gp usually depending on current prices. Or if you are patient like myself, stock up the hides throughout the year and dump a massive load of them near DXPW when they reach prices upwards of 500-800 gp each (or use to save lots of gp on training summoning). Thanks for the guide Tony.

Scammex says:

Nice video man! I will try

Scammex says:

Feel free to check my videos and subscribe!

notPSO Josh says:

another quick tip; you can also RoW to miscellania and cut a couple trees daily if you have the quests done for daily gpp

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