Proper Running Technique: Running Form Tips and Drills

TRAINING PLANS: https://www.SageRunning/com Tips for a more efficient running stride to improve speed, endurance and resistance to injury. You’ll see correct, proper running form along with some drills that you can use to improve your technique. Music by Runner model: Allie Kieffer.


Curt Bentley says:

Hey, the unknown NYC Marathon girl wasn’t so unknown to a few people!  Nice video…

Droopy eyed Mofo says:

*note*she is in good shape if you didn’t notice

Marcella Perez says:

wow! this video is what every starter runner needs!!! Great tips!

Cathy Robertson says:

Great. Great. Video. Stride is more impacting than I thought.

GON HD says:

Tip number 1: be healthy
Tip number 2: be nigga

Aaron LaRue says:

I ran track with Allie in undergrad! Great form, Allie!!

American Badass says:

Omg I seriously need help with my form. My physical therapist told me to shorten my stride and speed up but I get tired out easily now. 🙁 my legs feel like their going to fly right off my body. So any help would be gladly appreciated

BlazinKushFTW says:

I been running 3 miles 3 times a week. Thank you for this, gonna wait for my legs to stop being soar. Before I try this. No wonder I hate running always feels like their is no momentum. Didn’t realize their was a form thought everyone just runs till you figure it out.

Connor Kenway says:

came for the tips, stayed for the booty

Aman Kumar says:

Sir I run on toe but my steps are very small and my feet woke less backwards

sidhartha shankar sharma says:

Thank you bro.

The toy collector 101 says:

Why were they doing it on the road???!? Like if you were/are questioning that too

derfer007 says:

I look like I’m about to deliver triplets when I run. A short, chubby girl trying to cross the finish line. I wish I could take longer strides.

Kanti123 says:

I wish they teach us proper running form in military, so many of us are injured or have knees problem after years of training incorrectly.

samnelso says:

I would never of guessed she was that fast. Don’t judge a book they say.

Kai yt says:

IT works

Daniel Jordan says:

česká spořitelna? 😀

852fFw3 says:

Running in heels and talking about running form… hah!

podmizje says:

id run 10k under 30min if i could smash her later

Tomáš Hlinovský says:

Cadence is quite important but overlooked fact. I recently run with metronome app in my phone and curently 170 bpm feels quite good and you naturaly stop overstriding. However my running form is still teribble (hips back upper body front) I hope that I will fix that.

PhillyJosh says:

5 years ago… wonder how she is doing these days. good video, thanks for posting

Irock827 says:

The video started off like a cheesy, low income, porn movie.

Wagner jacobina says:


Vergelmaniego says:

Help me please my lower back hurts when running in long distance

David Randall Curtis says:

Thanks for posting this!

selohcin says:

I couldn’t help but notice: this woman is in incredibly good shape and most likely has very little body fat, but she still doesn’t have that “slim” appearance that so many women are going for. It makes you wonder if white people just can’t get it the same way Asians can.

Talagana Vykunta says:


m paji says:

Thank you for the tip. I automatically shaved 45 seconds from my 2 mile run by following the recommended running form in your video.
For the last couple years, I have been frustrated because I have been putting in the work with no real improvements in my Army two miler time.
When I saw your video last night, I realize I must have gotten lazy over time and somehow over time my foot strike had change to overstepping, I was sitting back more with no lean, and my arms hanging more on the side instead of being discipline at a relax 90 degrees.

So today I started my practice run time with butt kicks and high knees. Throughout the run I focused on maintaining the forward lean, head erect and looking ahead with my arms swinging naturally at 90 degrees. I also picked up my stride rate but focusing on running lightly.
Anyhow, I viewed the video last night and went on the trail today and I ran a faster pace with less effort, 45 seconds faster than normally done on that route. The garmin don’t lie.
Thank you again for taking the time to post and keeping the video up, it helps out older Army guy like me although it seems comfortable that sitting back on the run only hurts me in other ways.

lura garcia says:

Is running with an incline on the treadmill equivalent to running outside

Melanie Keith says:

This video was much needed. Just started going to the gym in January and I noticed pressure in my knees hips and back when I used the treadmill. I’m a bit on the heavier side but I feel with the drills that were shown I will be able to use the treadmill or simply run without the stress to my joints.

cardio workouts says:

everybody studying the woman booty watch the techiques too

Sylvia Garcia says:

I just want to say, I watched your video for proper technique and used these methods when running today. I’m not used to it and it made me run faster, so I couldn’t run this way constantly. However, when I was running according to these techniques, I feel like I was using so much less energy than usual and I felt more powerful as a runner. I was able to run the same distance faster without over-exerting myself. Also, I had no pain during my run. Thanks so much for this!

rphnick says:

I just saw the press conference from the NYC 2017 marathon and I kept asking myself, “Why does she look soooo familiar?” Then it clicked that she was in this video!!! Congrats to Allie on 5th place!!!

Louis - Michel Lepeltier de Saint - Fargeau says:

I managed to run in this fashion after so many years of self observation and pain, but i didn’t know all that technical part with proper vocabulary. Now it’s all clear.

Sara F. says:

Thanks you!!

Alan Chung says:

pictures + explanation = good teaching

Nole_ says:

how to run: move your feet only and let your arms fly backwards in the wind

Ray Burton says:

Mentally remembering the running drills while out jogging really helped me self correct as I got out of line. Thanks

thawesnerd says:

nice ass!

the sly dogs says:

Anybody watching this for parkour

David Outlaw says:

Need help my right shoulder is KILLING me like sometimes I stop and my foot is kind of bad I’m running heel down

boelshit yes says:

The girl can crack my nuts

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