Pro D2 Guides – Lower Kurast Running

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Miblik says:

Are these worth doing in Nightmare?

Talented Juli says:

Got my Enigma doing this. Took ~30 hours, though. Got 4x Sur, 1x Ber and a whole bunch of lower stuff.

Jinx Mangrove says:

Someone needs to crop Ryu as the new troll face.
If you FULL clear the game, kill every monster in every zone, you also get a good chance at hrs.

Slim Starcraft says:

And you dont say Kurast properly lol

GenkiM8 says:

could you eventually make an update video on whats in your chest/all finds?

Kim Sihlberg says:

Does it only work on single player?

Plu Ke says:

this + countes + pick up ‘all’ runes + cube em to get higher…

TicoDK22 says:

can you do one on how to farm a archon plate lol, I got from lvl 70 to 92 on my bowzon farming The Pit and nothing >.<

Robert LASTnameDENIEDhehehe says:

Are you a d2 noob? Even in single player it’s more efficient to follow multiplayer MF run paths. Find your a3 named mobs, with only a 100%mf you’ll make whatever word you want with 2hours dedication. Especially after the “synergy” update of 10-15yrs ago and rune drop rates were increased across the board(because of the 5[?] words added)… Although it used to be that everyone knew to run through every “good” named, duriel, mephisto, diablo, and baal in that order except the nameds in a5 are separated for when you’re going to get baal. With a good group you can do a svr wipe of all loot kills in 30m or less and get no less than 4 useful uniques

Slim Starcraft says:

What do u mean when u say player number ?

Sam Mantha says:

is that Ryu at your back?

D2Pyd 9 says:

dont we need to write “players 8” every time when we open new game?

fKBFOx35O says:

is this dude at ur back dead?

Aleksandr says:

thanks for explanation lama, keep up the good work man.

Pokemon PSA - Brad says:

sweet thanks. I just started doing LK runs but wasn’t sure what I was doing

rekolit107 says:

I was looking for Lo rune but ended with 3 Bers, 2 from superchests and one from a random corpse near the bonfire.

Yar83Men says:

I love your video…

sean rose says:

I got a Lo rune from countess a few years ago and everyone told me hell countess only drops up to gul or vex. Thanks for the vindication.

Xmayne says:

That’s the great thing about single player. You can quit and enter games as fast as you want. No temp bans, no “failed to join”, no naming games, and probably much faster loading times. Not to mention the maps are saved. Definitely increases the efficiency of farming/running by an insane amount. I can only imagine getting a singleplayer bot to do these types of runs. The speed would be unreal.

Daniel Vincent says:

Hi llama, i did this and found some 2 vex, um, pul in not that many runs. was lookin for that juicy ber though :/

andrew handelsman says:

place is great for hrs

Jesse VSTheWorld says:

Put a mirror under that guys nose, because I’m pretty sure he’s dead

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