If you want to charge Water Orbs at level 54 Crafting, to make money from early on. Here is the guide, please subscribe!

Water Orb Running OSRS
How to charge water orbs OSRS
How to Craft Water Battlestaff OSRS
water orb runescape
mote plox


Hobbitcraft says:

If you tell people to bring an anti-dragon shield and anti-poison, you should probably bring those in the video…

Morf cbo says:

If you do any water orb, or even fire orb runs, a fast way to do runs is to leave through the one-way grappling shortcut and bank in Catherby, get your unpowered orbs, walk to the east, there where the fruit tree patch is, grapple your way up, and proceed charging orbs.

LazyNoobsHD says:

well thats alot of walking to charge the water orbs. i think ill go for earth orbs:)

Comrade Dyngus says:

That’s annoying people are disliking this because they don’t understand it’s part of another video.  It might make sense to them if you reupload the video with all the parts together, but come on, be nice.

Elgintensity Cx says:

fucking moron

99Bee says:

This guide is a sub-part of this money making guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PDFNIhXM4U

CoolThingsByJames says:

Would’ve preferred if you had either commentary or some song throughout the video…
Still, seems like an ok money making guide.

Muggy Turtle says:

to charge the orbs do i need the crafting level?

Isjsk Ss says:

how many battlestaff are there in magic guild? and can i still make profit if I only charge the uncharged orbs, if so what orb are best?

Peter Cruz says:

There is a shortcut that makes this viable

Elgintensity Cx says:

shit guide ,fucking faggot kys

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