OSRS Money Making Guide – Herb Runs – Easy 1M/gp a day- 32+ Farming

Hello, I’m Goatpig and this “Money Making Guide” can make you very easy & quick money with relatively low stats. Drop me a comment, like and a subscribe for future guides! If you feel anything got left out, check out the FAQ down below, and if you don’t find your answer there, ask me in the comment section. I will answer to every single comment. 🙂

Skill requirements:
– 61 Magic
– 32+ Farming
– 44 Agility (Recommended)

Quest requirements:
– Eadgars Ruse
– A Fairytale: Part I
– Ghosts Ahoy
– Plague City
-My Big Arms Adventure
Q: Is this the fastest way to do Herb Runs?
A: No, but it is the cheapest and the other one requires 87 Magic and other huge requirements.

Q: Why do you use Supercompost on the Trollheim patch when it can’t be diseased?
A: This means if all my other herbs die, I will atleast get 5 herbs from the Trollheim patch.

Q: Why is this a good money making? It gives me maximum 120K every 1.5h…
A: Because you can do another money making between this, because getting 120K in 5 minutes is not bad at all. 🙂

Q. What are farm ticks?
A: Farm ticks are basically the phases the herb has. The herb takes 20 minutes per phase, and it has four phases (4x20min). If you log out between these farm phases, the phase will reset. That means you will have to be waiting for another 20 minutes.



Leeroy Jenkins says:

amazing guide thnx

Turtle Machine says:

Could you explain in more detail the logging out between farm ticks issue. This explains why sometimes waiting an hour an a half still wasn’t enough for my herbs to finish growing.  So if I log out between herb runs, should I stay logged out the full time to avoid this issue?

Mr. Hat says:

Not sure of this is possible in osrs, but on rs3 I wouldn’t even really pay for super compost, you could get pineapples for really cheap once a day from the guy acrossacross from the bank in catherby. then make your own for virtually nothing

Dylan says:

i can’t climb the ladder lmfao

Kelders 0 says:

Damn! Could you tell me what song you used for this video?

yaboyrlf says:

lol “weight reducement”

Ope says:

havent done the quest yet for trollheim teleport but i still make bout 90k each run,every patch takes 20 mins to grow so this is pretty damn good money

Turtle Machine says:

thanks for the new hardstyle song to add to my library

Jian Heng says:

hey, why did my herbs die sometimes? I used super compost

everybodyluvsray says:

Nice guide! only thing I would do different is tele to camelot last so you can make supercompost.

TheMonkeyBlu says:

I actually really enjoyed this guide, it seems to be made to really high quality, well done.
My only suggestion is the music may be a tad loud, but maybe it’s personal preference.

Super Kids says:

You forgot to plant the cabbages to stop the herbs from dying.

Wench says:

omg this music needs to chill the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu out

missmellooooow says:

haha good music :D<3

Kyle Payne says:

Great video! Could I suggest you make a full farming trip guide? Trees, watermelons and all? Thanks! I really want to get back into farming just need a guide to do it lol

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