[OSRS] Client of Kourend quest guide (Running)

Link to High level: https://youtu.be/vFgOq6kdcoM

quest: /
skills: /
Items: 1 feather (can buy from fishing shop in Port Sarim)
rec items: 2 stamina potions, full graceful
2 great kourend teleports (with or without spellbook swap)
2 teleports to Veos
(minigame tele PC + 1 to any charter ship + fee)
1 teleport the dark altar (fairy ring cis, arceuus home tele or Wintertodt (games neck))

Talk to Veos 3) got any quests for me?
1) ok

Run north to the general store of Piscarilius
we’ll have to go to every general store of every house btw

3) can I ask about the X house
3) why should I gain favour?

Run SW over the bridge and then run north to the next gs

Teleport to the kourend castle and follow the path NW to
the next general store

Run back south to the armor/weapon shop of the shazien house

Run east, passing the mine cart across the bridge.
Keep running east, passing the mess hall to the general store

Teleport to Veos
3) i’ve gathered info. Get the orb

Teleport to the Dark altar and activate the orb while standing next to it
this will break it and you’ll get to hear a voice

Teleport back to Veos to complete your quest

Rewards = 2 xp lamps which will grant 500 xp each in any skill you want
= 20% favour increase in any of the houses
= permanently doubled rate of gaining favour in the all the houses

Twitter: http://bit.ly/29ZCPER
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2kX2eiX
Twitch: http://bit.ly/29KJFIo
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Jayzzz 123 says:

you were quick

kaleiidoscopic says:

Love the new format for this quest! Do you plan on redoing older quests with highlevel guides?

Wade B says:

My mom is ur biggest fan

CinemaShots says:

Where is your Q/A video? Have you already answered them? Where can I find it?

Sadistic TopHat says:

Thank you

Safaa Omar says:

Yo man, really can’t thank you enough when it comes to these videos, with all the time and effort put into all these osrs guides you must really care about the rs community and really help with the progression of players. You’ve simplified and made it easy for all of us to complete these quest and we all owe you a big thanks. Keep doing what you do bro

Bakoe _ says:

love these guides homie ! glad to see you still make them

Rewind Remix NCS says:

Awesome vidd!

Jonastytickles says:

I don’t know if this been asked before, but did u rename your main account?

TBM_Kyrosu says:

why 2 dislikes?

MAJIC says:

Old mic or riot

Saint Vince says:

I JUST CAME HERE TO LIKE YOUR VIDEO, i used your high level guide and i love your guides <33333

Stone Stylo says:

Slayermusiq is the man. Owe my quest cape entirely to him

Indrek says:

just a dayly like here

Michael Kent says:

wtf. Dude. where is the- Herro. and welcum to my guid.

uC .Dream says:

which house do you recommend getting the 20% favor in first?

Bot says:

can we drop the broken glass?

nah bitch lol says:

soup made 4 accounts and disliked the vud

Robbie says:


Dalton VanHoy says:


Twistedcave3 says:

Will the higher + lower level guides be added to your spreadsheet?

Jesse Lomeli says:

Like Always, the best quest guides! thanks slayermusiq, keep it up

One and Only says:

who else has the slayermusiq1 cape?

Mozdk1 says:

I saw quest update this morning just before going to work. I get back from work and Slayermusiq1 has two guides already. You’re a legend!

Booty Hypnosis says:

1 like = 1 Hi, and welcome to my guide.

TheRealD0cTube says:

How did you get the 73 herblore and 78 farming on 10 hp iron man pleas answer 🙂

Rahh says:

Thanks for helping me get my quest cape again fam

Grandpappy Pedro says:

I used to use the wiki, then I found slayermusiq1… never gone back

Jenske Verheyen says:

Once again a AAA guide! Thanks man.

Michael Burkhart says:

Slayermusiq1 you are pure love my friend, never stop doing what you do, i got my quest cape thanks to you =)

Sushi says:


Johnny Whisman says:

Finally got my quest cape, thanks 😛

Moonlight Productions says:

woot i’ve been waiting for this

tristan thet says:

can we get a med lvl guide

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