OSRS Abyss Nature Runecrafting Guide

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Screen Marker: http://www.screenmarker.com/

Unfortunately the best mousekeys guide I know of by Logdotzip was taken off of Youtube because he makes minecraft videos now, but there are lots of great guides out there if you guys don’t know how to set up mousekeys properly. If you’d really like me to make a guide I can, so just let me know in the comments.

Outro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzjNgWav3nk –

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SSBM Duckota says:

Figured I’d let you know your screen marker link now redirects to a screen share software.

William Oramas says:

How it is called every part of the clothing necessary? please

One and Only says:

it is not aloud

Jett Fox says:

Abyss needs rune mysteries, but thats just this in general. 🙂

Ste ven says:

Also a update for 2017: Dont use mouskeys/ahk only windows mousekeys are allowd now.

Samu Palander says:

i dont understand how u make profit from this when tc 44 cause u have to buy glorys

SgtEaglefort says:

You said the pickaxe doesn’t effect the mining, only your level. Is that true with all mining or just in the abyss itself?

xskullero says:

Agil level to squeeze through? Mining level to get through? Difference between the two? Why bring pickaxe still if you use agil shortcut?

One and Only says:

screen markers are for the tards

OfficialWijntje says:

You used mousekeys with banking and emptying the pouches, but with mousekeys you only can use 1 distance. So how did you do that? With ahk? Love the vids so much btw!<3

C Baal says:

why the karamja gloves?

Neko says:

black pickaxe weights 0

iWillz says:

Glory’s are around 20k I think would I still make money off doing singles?

Petru says:

Just a quick note: the uses u can do before ur pouches degrading are different for every kind, it’s 10 for giant, 29 large, 45 med and no decay on small.

Nik says:

The link for screen marker does not work anymore. Do you know of an alternative?

Jin OnRs says:

Anyway you could make a guide on the specific distances and such and what they mean for this kind of rc set up? There doesn’t seem to be any

Pizza4breakfast says:

Isn’t the black pickaxe the best because it is weightless?

MNCapybara says:

black pickaxe is lightest at 0kg apparently

Honor Hunt says:

Shows basic reqs for runecrafting nats at abyss, only level is 44 rc, shows gear set up that requires 66 hunter. Typical Elegy who thinks everyone has all 99s.

Yato Bro says:

the screenmarker website doesent open now.. D:

thekingof300 says:

yo screen marker thing is on point…

ffuncy gamer says:

When i go to abyss i start to panic about the monster that damage me and i start running around until i die xD

jONNY says:

how many essence you are able to use in hour with 75+ rc?

George Green says:

How does the karamja gloves 3 let you escape pkers?

Seppe van ermengem says:

i tryed to download that screenmarker. instead of open the link it sends me to a site called mikogo, is this ment to happen?

Colbi I says:

@1:00, what legs are you using in optimal setup?

Justin Hall says:

Isn’t the Black Pickaxe the lighest?

Ellis Roberts says:

When my run runs out, do I use stamina potion to fill it back up, or just 1 dose?

wov333 says:

Heyy Caleb! is this guide still good? or can some things be changed now?

Alenikorve Desir says:

Can you please make a guild on how to use windows mouse keys

Rambi says:

*For people watching this in 2016*

-Today you should simply wear full graceful unless you have very low defence, when he made the video the full graceful set had no effect unlike today where it increases run renewal, so it wasn’t worth using unlike now.

-Black pickaxe is the lightest at 0kg, not mithril pickaxe. However, if you’re wearing full graceful you’ll be far less than 0KG so use any pickaxe you’d like, even bronze.

-At the moment, to maximise profit, do nature runes till 59, then cosmics till 82, then astrals till 91, then natures again till 99.

-To recharge your glories purchase “Charge dragonstone jewellery scroll”s from the grand exchange and use them, it’ll save you a tonne of time and money.

-We now have stamina potions, so do not use super energy potions.

Yvng x says:

Is it worth recharging your glories? Or is just buying and reselling them also good?

cormac mcgeough says:

annoying vid. i am watching guide because i do not know shit and when it comes to the gear screen, idk what pants and stuff you are wearing so please let me know what I need to wear

Jon Ang says:

does the pickaxe used affect the success rate?

TheGreat says:

Do you charge your own glories?

Psycho physique says:

whats current profit/hour ?

Trevor Allen says:

Great guide

Flare says:

Should I go to the dark mage after 9 uses of the giant pouch or 10?

JerickTheKoa says:

isnt black pickaxe best now because its 0 weight?

GodTormentorRS says:

How is nature running using Tai Bwo Wannai teleport scrolls and running to altar?

jaz1357 says:

what legs in the better setup?

TheBlackestKey says:

Would you recommend using noted esse, now that you can simply use them on the banker in return for the item?

Atshapi says:

Actually the best pickaxe is the black pickaxe.

Elfried Monk says:


K.B Money says:

How long did 99 take? O.o

Daniel Ginder says:

An amendment to this video would be to use black pickaxe, correct?

Jason says:

i cant find taverley teles in ge?

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