Lubelisk Guide | HARD DUNGEONS YOU SHOULD BE RUNNING | Maplestory 2 dungeon guide

Heres a guide for one of the easiest hard dungeons to run as of right now. This one, like all hard dungeons is hard at first but gets easier with practice. I do my best to break down the 3 phases and give you the info you need.


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Armando Schneider says:

Mouse brought me here

Tom Tan says:

“Things you need: friends” welp, there goes the whole guide


Dungeon starts at 1:23

zero limit says:

how did u get the custom Adidas outfit?

ai hoang says:

Fruwend, what is a fruwend? there no such thing.

Darla Cunningham says:

Mouse sent me

chocolate42069 says:

Great explanation. I watch all your videos from start to finish, they never disappoint.

Salvador Sasuke says:

Is thia available in sea

Cecilia Cruz says:

Really week made. Mouse sent me

Weederini says:

DAMN THAT DUNGEON IS TRASH! Not only do you have to have a dedicatedgroup, it is also fucking impossible! No one wants you if you are a priest and the projectiles shot by the mobs around the boss are heatseeking and thus FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE! SERIOUSLY

Frisk says:

When are we gonna see dem big dick numbers so we can solo these things? That’s what made Ms1 great for me.

GTS13 says:

Honestly it seems like the hardest part of this dungeon is finding friends….

almosdd says:

Low-key hoping someone’s do a priest hard dg run guide TT

Patti Thomas says:

I really like your content, Mouse sent me btw

Marcus Lo says:

Great video :3 ive only been doing fd i should try this dungeon

Sypher Z says:

I really think they need to up the drop rate on epics for the 1500 gs dungeons, casual players won’t even want to continue playing. Here’s my experience so far, 100 hours played, 4 epics on my 3 50+ characters doing the 30 a week(double drops event most of the runs I did), none are over 2100 gs because the epics I got were the cheapest on the black market to sell and not for my class aka knight shield, priest off hand, earrings and helmet. (they go for about 1.5- 2 mil each on my server)

Suy LoL says:

Oh aha I think this is funny because i think we ran FD or tronix? Ur name Flueve just looks super familiar

GumSlayer says:

The hardest part of lube is the parkour part keep on falling down, any tips?

SyncroSalada says:


Myrtle Beck says:

I was told to come here by Mouse

Derfoklishe says:

First of all, you’re like the buzzfeed of Maplestory2…
Second, how on earth is lublisk easier than pyrros?!

Xileer Torias says:

What you’re doing wrong: The first 1:20 of the video being a different boss fight

Kaleb M. says:

Realize you don’t need Priest: Yes.

Realize you need ranged DPS(2): No.

Realize you can’t do it alone with your edgelord Runeblader Kirito style: Thank the gods for discord!

Marco Fernando says:

man ur confident is not like any other 2k subs youtuber can u just go to 100k already? here some subscribe

kingtrident7 says:

I always use lube so its never hard

עומר בוכמן says:

good guide

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