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RandomStuffOnVideo says:

The thumbnail resembles rambo

Surf Skydive says:

Docs don’t believe in people. Shame on them.

Memes n Shet says:

That unfocused shots make it look like its a miniature city

Jay Bird says:

Casey never gets tired

MD12134MD says:

that fucking insanity honestly. I’m not sure how that much could be good for your legs on a regular basis

a_serhir23 says:

Did you catch the guy that ran you over?

Vincent Shafala says:

How do you not have any leg, but if you do has do you treat it?

Valeria Ruscitto says:

Why he runs so much and at the same time he’s so buff?

Peter Cimino says:

Love the Tilt shift in the start of it.

Sidharth Murali says:

Insane motivation. Thanks Casey.

zachary cadman says:

Use Strava!

Poncho Solleiro says:

i just saw this video and it totally inspired me, my channel is dedicated entirely to running, hope you can check it out I´m from México and just like you, I love running and i love to create. My best wishes for you and thank you very much for inspire me !!!!!

Aspley Stevens says:


Quagmire says:

Casey, I didn’t know that about your leg.. You’re a huge inspiration to me ! I try to watch every upload. My brother broke almost every part of his body in an accident along with a TBI and 2 months in a coma. He is not a happy guy but it always impresses me what he is capable of. I am striving to be as positive and hard working as you and others of your caliber. Thank you for your vlogs; you probably won’t see this.. But thank you bro!

Lord Helland says:

Logan Paul has more subscribers even now

jason johnson says:

This could not have been done at 16 miles without a drop of water. No way!!!

英雄不长命王八活千年 says:

i live in china, and i gotta pay to watch YouTube and i feel great

James Stinnett says:

Several years late to the blogs. This is one of my favorites

E L says:

I use Nike run club and it’s great because they have had tones of updates since this video

Commander Stone Grove says:

love running man

Dizzysteak -Yo says:

I eat asss

Anthony Maiorana says:

This Vlog in 2018 seems so unpolished to Casey’s current material. Kind of amazing how much better Casey–who was already amazing here–has gotten over the course of 3 years. Goes to show that even those we consider to be the best get better. That’s probably why they stay the best.

Usman says:

OMG you run so much
how much time does it takes you to complete 21 MILE run

Hari Seldon says:


Vince Cliford says:

Now Im gonna run

Lin Lin says:

casey you instired me to run i never get tired of running because of you i run daily

Woofyrhys123 says:

This is why I love casey. Some guy said this was annoying so I politely said him down addressed him formally and told him tuck you

Pinco Pallino says:

This morning i ran to the bathroom.
And i felt great.

Stefan Yatanski says:

Casey, since u said u don’t recommend Nike running, then what app would you recommend? Which one is the best?

Jerry.m Hut says:

And I feel great!

Lord Helland says:

Why should we care about every aspect of a randoms persons life

Noitse Noitse says:

I just love clicking random videos of Casey

phil3 ipp says:

Runtastic is the most amazing running app I‘ve experienced yet.
Would be great to get connected there*-*

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