Instructional Parkour Freerunning beginners guide

9 basic moves for parkour / freerunning brought to you by the instructors at Parkour orlando aka zoic nation
which meets at 8pm every Sat night at Lake Mary All Stars gym off ronald regan blvd in longwood, florida.

visit their new site…

or on facebook….


MCFAN227 says:

Thanks dude

animetiger12 says:

Is this still going on is what I’d like to know

Lyana says:

Bcs you know, gravity

J S says:

There should be one in south Texas…there’s nothing here:(

cool martin says:

Seems cool but dangerous

Malakai Abyss says:

Faith (Mirrors Edge) Training at 7:13 

JTHDoesMCPE says:


Mukie says:

Pink hair!


Im teaching my self parkour 😀

john smith says:

the instructor with blue has is from voic nation 

lachlan saunders says:

I can see so many people hitting the tip of their shoes doing the kong

Sir Antidote says:

nice ty vm

Thundergods Lightningbolt says:

The devils shadow 6:25

teo parkour says:


Christopher Devers says:

Is this only in Orlando? If not, where else can I learn parkour like this? Because I really want to learn it. 

c fahy says:

I really must build one of those obstacles to vault off of, they seem versatile :3

chek YT says:

is thad faith from mirrors edge!!? 7:15

Aby H says:

I wish they had this where I live. 🙁 hopefully I can do some parkour though.

Tom Gertenhäuer says:

That looks like a blast, but im 30 and kind of a stocky guy, not sure if i could manage to do this nowdays i use to take karate pretty often and my knees aren’t real bad yet, but i do have a few problems from that.

Lewis urquhart says:

If I can do side flip off a wall am I still beginner?

MedusasLover168 says:

*gasp* I think I saw Faith, lol jk
Cool video, I really want to start classes soon

teo says:


Christopher Perez says:

Why don’t they have this in nyc Dx

Brian barradas says:


J S says:

There should be one in south Texas…there’s nothing here:(

Franklin richboss says:

We’re is the location and kids are allow yes or not

Hydro says:

My goal is to be better than MICHI leber This might help

Thatt Onedude says:

Really, no. Just don’t over exert yourself, and respect your limits. Don’t jump over things that are taller than you can handle, just because it’s what most people vault over.

Kakkat-Karrot-Kake!!! says:

Lol at 7:02 you can here a guy go “oh god”

SFXbluehaze says:

thanks for the tips guys im gonna try and b the best parkour lad I cn b

darkbazzoka341 says:

Can I indroll here

napalmstrike235 says:

Probably the parkour roll

Bluppen511 says:


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