How to start running, my top tips! Want to run but not sure how to start? Follow these quick & simple tips & trick to get you closer to reaching your goals. I can’t wait to see all of your Running selfies and happy marathon crossing pictures!

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Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon 600D ( and my Vlogs with the Olympus Pen (
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A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light: (
What editing software do you use?
A: iMovie and Final Cut Pro


Thanks for watching! ❤


Jonny Chaos says:

I fucking HATE my earphones bouncing out of my ears. Just makes me really snappy an fucks up my jog.

yoongibaleada says:

One Direction hell yeah

Yasser Guessoum says:

finaly a helpful video ♡ thank u

Charlie B says:

I love running, but really struggle with shin splints… any suggestions? xx

zahrine hassan says:

Thanks for your awesome advice, especially about wearing sunglasses and a hat because I’m worried people will look at me while i run funny. What shoes would you recommend wearing? Thanks x

king Steven says:

Lol we’re going to to have to talk about her playlist lol soooo random!

Rozzy Rozz says:

Stopped watching when she recommended you listen to Aretha Franklin and 1D

bRiPoP8 says:

what brand of shoes do you recomend if I’m running on a treadmill or street?

implixitdemand says:

this helped me a lot, thanks!

ss10 says:

If you feel like you are not made for running or hate running, think again, I recently saw a 94 year old complete a half marathon in 3 hours 54 minutes. If this lady can do it, you can too.

Masoud Shamaeizadeh says:

Can Your Treadmill Cause Injuries?

Ghita says:

*hears one direction*

Dadang 2017 says:

The Gym is my Religion.

Lovatictoinfinity says:

hey, loved this video. So i had 2 open heart surgeries(Tetralogy of Fallot when) when i was 1 year old. My dostors always said i can workout and be active just not to pressure my self too much and said high intesity workouts are not really for me. However I’ve been a chubby girl sice my childhood and I have been trying to get fit in the last months. So I run 4 times a week for about 30 minutes.(6-7 min/km) But I get really bad stiching in my ribs on both sides and a major pain in my left arm. It literally hurts so much I have to sit down or stand still, and I have a lot of trouble breathing. I want to lose extra fat and get into shape but this is kinda in my way. What should I do? wht’s your advice? Oh and the same things happen when i do hiit workouts. Please respond:)

Adam the Craftsman says:

Hey awesome video. I like what you’re doing. Kinda new as a youtuber so I like watching videos from ppl with more experience. I got some stuff up like this but still need to work on my game. If you get a chance I could use some tips on how I’m doing so far. But either way keep on rockin!

Football Chat says:

did this bitch just mention Aretha franklin and 1 direction in the same sentence…

Mat Mclean says:

“All of you can run 5k…”
I’m 75 years old and have two broken knees….. will that statement still count for me? If not you are talking shit.

dougie fresh says:

Great advice. Thanks girl.

Kim H says:

Do you eat before your morning run ?

ClearlyImAKong says:

This video is so encouraging loved it

Briana Greeno says:

All these running/jogging videos for beginners but all of them think we want to run miles, I’d be happy if I could jog 5 minutes without feeling like I’m holding my breath.

Mikaela little Bagel says:

This is the first one I’ve seen and I subbed straight away.
Great video!


How do i run for 20 min i cant run for 2 min.

jinwang Young says:


_Make_Me_Howell says:

What’s a stitch?

Andy G says:

Some great common sense advice there although our playlists are a million miles apart lol.

Fusion Fitness says:

As a runner myself I always get clients that “hate to” or just “don’t know the correct way to” run. This is helpful.

Goku Runner says:

Great tips!! LIght up like a christmas tree for night runs!

ROY F says:


The real Hanna Banana says:

This video was really helpful, I’ve been thinking of starting to running for ages but just never got around to doing it because I’m lazy but I really want to build up my stamina and I’m sure my dog would love it if I took her running with me

infires man says:

For people that don’t know what a stitch is, it’s a strong pain in the side of your stomach when running.

lucero castro says:

Does running make you short

Jecka J says:

Hi, check this $250 worth giveaway for workout clothes 🙂

mayank walia says:

hi mam,
inspired by your videos
i have a female friend, she was addicted to smoking and alcohol, she even started smoking weed, its been around 3 years she is doing all these stuff, now at present iam helping her out in all the way i can, we have planned evening running, so can you please advise me, what all the things ive to take care off , for helping her, diet plans and good start
ill be very thankfull to you

Leyana_ says:

I want to run with someone but I don’t have anyone

Prix Nige Cyan Malik says:

0:43 when she said One Direction, “yes” instantly came out of my mouth. YEEESSS. When you’re a directioner and you love being fit. Pur-fectt

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