How To Start Running | Top 5 Tips | AJ Odudu

I love running so here’s a beginners guide on how to get motivated and ready to do just that. Run! Great for weight loss, toning, strength, endurance, your cardiovascular system and your mood running is AMAZING. So bring on the positive vibes and press play! *OPEN ME UP FOR ALL THE INFO*

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Anjaleen Princy says:

Simple and sweet tips..

Una Simpson says:

At long last a diet program that is certainly so simple to follow. I am looking forward to help shedding another 8 lbs with the “fyfy unique guide” (Google it), which burns away excess fat. You may get good result like me. I hope you enjoy this amazing plan.

Carol Joseph says:

when I heard you talking, I actually thought you were Mel B

vegan magic says:

Perfect video, very helpful, not too long, right on point. Thank you so much. I reaaally wanna start running, but I’m so so unfit. Defentely gonna try it asap. Btw, you are soooo beautiful <3

Vicky Sts says:

Great video ❤

Ad H says:

Awesome video with great tips!! I had no idea how to get started with running and this really motivated thank you so much!!!

annichaaa says:

Love the advice! I used to walk for an hour a day now that I’m in uni I’ve slacked off! I can’t run for more than a minute :/

moietmesconfessions says:

You’re so damn beautiful!

Ester Rani says:

thanks for the tips

Chris Nolan says:

Thanks very helpful I just started run and exercising more.

Brianna Landers says:

Thank you for these tips!! You are SO BEAUTIFUL and SWEET!!! God bless you!

Daniel Cook says:

I Looooove your accent.

Eunhasgf says:

i liked that you actually gave a good plan. im overweight and when i go to the gym i get bored and i feel like i have to do too much on a machine to work up a sweat. they only thing that quickly get my heartrate up was the treadmill but i have such low endurance i literally could only run for 1 minutes before having to stop. so i liked that you said start for only 10 minutes abd don’t just start running. i think this will be very helpful to me thanks!

Rodrigo Elmer says:

ɷɷɷ Heeeeyyy Friends I Have Foundddddd Greattt Guideeee On Weight Lose visitt : –

Allan Alberts says:

I used to listen to music BUT if you find a good podcast channel to listen to through itunes. x10 better imo.

jane villaflor says:

I want to run but I don’t want to lose weight. It takes 2 years to gain 2kg and it will take 1 week for me to lose that 2kg 🙁 I’m currently 48kg.

DoseOfHK says:

Your accent makes my ears bleed.

785zombiechiick says:

thank you soo much. this is has really helped me alot

Rebecca Madgwick says:

Really helpful, especially step #5! I kind of overdo it when I run, because I don’t go regularly, and then don’t see any improvement, so this is a good way to build up, thanks!

Brandie W says:

I truly love your videos! You are such a pleasant beautiful person! Hi, all the way from North Carolina!!!:)

Emilie C says:

What if I want to run everyday

Tyanamuch says:

Just found your channel today! Totally obsessed with your videos they’re great !

Agnes Lee says:

Thank you for this video! I have a running test at school soon and I needed to start training a bit. These tips are really helpful :). Also, you are super pretty and I love your accent!

Joe Quinn says:

Lastly, I came across a diet that is east to understand. I am so anxious to continue this journey and to lose yet another 14 lbs. Check out “sowo amazing plan” on google.

olliejellytot says:

I’ve been running for about 8 months however with a few months off after an injury and finally seeing an improvement.Got a 5km race in a few weeks any tips of how to improve distance ?


Your Video Was Straight To The Point! No Rants or Side Comments. I Strongly Want To Become A Jogger And Watching Vids 4 Tips And Inspiration. Thank You 4 Sharing! You Have A New Subbie!!!

Fernanda Damazo says:

Great tips!!! I Needed number 2 I’m gonna try it. By the way your make up is on point 🙂

marith411 says:

what running shoes do you recommend?

Desperate4Attention says:

S-T-R-E-T-C-H.  If you are just starting off as a runner then PLEASE stretch for 10 minutes before and after your 10 minute run. I am not kidding. Even if you are used to walking for exercise, running is going to introduce you to muscles that you did not even know you had. The more stretching you do , the happier that introduction will be 🙂

snikers4eto says:

this is so helpful! i tried running before but i couldnt even do it for longer than 2 minutes and i gave up. thanks for this

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