How To Start Running Longer Without Getting So Tired: Beginners Guide

If you’re a beginner to running and you can’t run very far then this video will break down 3 tips for you to run longer without getting tired.

If you want to lose weight FAST and healthily then watch this video right now:

How To Have Proper Running Form:


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katarzyna says:

i only run on a treadmill. but i want to start running outside lots of scenic routes better than looking at a gym wall? i can do 30 mins slow run so far.

one thing holding me back whats the best way of carrying water? i know its a short run but i can’t cope without water and i hate those waist belts. please recommend something.

can you make a vid on basic gear for running even if its raining abit, im totally clueless.

shakira kirmani says:

It really works!!

Crazywaffle5150 says:

I can run 5k. So now i’m just working on running a strong 10k.

E I N S says:

I can walk for hours, i can walk 30 miles, i love walking, i cannot run more than 1 mile

Psysso says:

Im nowhere near the fitnes level of this guy, but i am an avid runner , running about 5 times a week for almost a year now. Doing HIIT interval training and also half marathon distances now, my number one tip for absolute begginers would be to blow some serious cash on running shoes. Almost no pro stresses that out in their videos, but it is of vital importance. I ran for months on 20 euro shoes , then switched to 140 euro shoes and it felt like im running on clouds even on concrete. Trust me it is the best investment if you wanna start running more seriously and get as little micro injuries in your bones and joint as possible. And trust me they will come , especially if your goal is long distance, endurance running…

Giovanbattista Fichera says:

If you don’t wanna waste 5 minutes of your life watching this, here’s the bottom line: do interval training. Start slow, jog, rest and repeat until your fitness level improves. Take it easy. Running longer distances requires muscular strength so do incorporate strength building exercises in your routine. Stuff like lounges, squats and planks will help you.

maya flower says:

Pacer test 🙁

Nancy Flowers says:

this helped me a lot, thank you!

osk he says:

Are you bhudist?(sorry for spelling)

Xhalisu says:

ur Australian aren’t u XD In his other video I saw the background houses and it looked familiar XD

Zaid Ahmed says:

Thanks for your assistance’s really really very helpful….

Laks Siva says:

I’m someone who is pretty much out of shape but I’ve been inspired to start running. About 6 weeks ago, I started with running 1 minute, walking 1 minute 3 times a week for 15 mins or so. Then I progressed on to running nonstop for : 5 mins, 7 minutes, 11 minutes, 13 minutes, and 15 minutes. I can do a mile in about 10 minutes. I’m hoping to continue on to be able to run 30 mins to an hour. Thank you for the motivation and all the tips!

Rekha Raval says:

thank you

paula dharni says:

great advice thank you , im two months in so a beginner, how do i know if my form is correct i feel like im running just from my knee to toes? …

grgumgee1 says:

Any beginners who want to try interval training try the app 5k to couch it gives you the intervals and timers for each day you start out helped me start running!!

WearShadesPlayGames says:

I’m decent at running but I’m definitely not the greatest. Do you think i can improve a good bit by January because I have soccer conditioning and I’m really nervous

2875dulce says:

Does DDR help? :^)

Gusher Felter says:

Good tips!

ali mustafa says:

Hey Matt..I Cycling all the time is that help me to get faster or how can i use this to running faster n longer ??

Allan Alberts says:

Manged to get to 8k now. Mentally feel great and wanna keep going but legs are so cramped up, feels like gonna tare/pull a muscle so end up having to head home and stop.

Eléa Cahuet says:

100km is 64 miles

Cara J says:

Hey Matt, I’m interested in losing weight and toning. Is it ok for me to do interval running and resistance (TRX) training in my current regimen? My BF felt I should concentrate on the fat loss first using cardio and then tone by weight/resistance training later. But with my body type from previous experience of weight loss and your video, it seems that I can do both because the TRX will help me run a longer distance.

FARUK khan says:

hii bro ..i just want to know about ,how to prepair traning for 5 km race …from scrach

Nadim Ahmed says:

Great piece of advice brother.

zLoveCrits- GFX says:

i can jogg for 15-20min but in my school they want me to run 30min 🙁

jxmiethxoutcxst says:


Officialy Li says:

Doing my mile run tomorrow I’m gonna use tips my time is _____

Tsung Jason says:

Thank you very much, I have watched your video and I feel better while running.

LoveMEsumLISSA says:

Hi Matt. Question: What do you think causes headaches while running? I tend to get them even though I am fully hydrated before I begin to run.


bro ur tips are awsome but i need your help i suffered from leg injuries and now i want to start running again but i feel my leg so week so plzzz tell some exercise or tips to make leg strong agian. or if had made a video in this than plzz tag me a link because i not able to found plzzzz bro

Qatt 509 says:

Hi Matt! How many times per week do you suggest we run? how many rest days per week?

Brett Bounds says:

Great video but the painting on the left is crooked. Drivimg me nuts the whole video.

Different Machine says:

I’ve been running for 20+ years and my little tip is to rub Vicks on the throat, chest and down to the belly button (not on nose) and also have a Halls cough sweet (black extra strong one) before the run. This will trigger the receptors inside your body, you will be able to visualise your breathing so you can breathe deeper and easier. It really does work well. Or if you have peppermint that is great to put on your mouth also. I hope that helps someone- beginner or advanced athlete. Once you can visualise breathing and get into a zone, your levels will skyrocket. All the best.

RantingForSanity says:

First step should be to lose excess body fat


I have to run for 40 mins for physical fitness test where should I stop training legs before the test anyone who knows please tell

Cameron Ashley says:

I love watching your videos, it’s helped me out a lot in trying to get in a better shape for the Army’s 2 mile run

annapoorni TL says:

i have started running a month back 3 times a week now i am 65 years old my knees gives me some problem no major pain as such but some uneasiness, now i jog 1 min. then i moderate to brisk walk 1 min this will go for about 1 hr. so approx 30 min. walk and 30 min jog i have seen ur instruction for running and i feel i can incorporate it to my schedule i do yoga daily and started knee strengthening asanas and 3 times weekly i do dumbell weight at gym any advice from ur side for my improvement in my jog to running i have kept another 8 weeks as my deadline to start jog to runl

annapoorni TL says:

basically i am a fit lady no b.p. sugar or any alignments as such

loveofallthingsmusic says:

I had been going backward and forwards with starting to run. I saw this video last night and I got my ass up this morning and went. it was Hell but I did it and I feel so proud of myself. I’ve also decided to ditch my scales for a while and concentrate on my fitness and not the numbers. keep up the good work. you are changing lives

Aditya Panwar says:

great tips man

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