HOW TO START RUNNING | 3 BIGGEST Running Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

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What’s up What’s up! I’m SO EXCITED to be finally sharing this video! Running has had such a positive impact on my life these past few months that goes way beyond just weight loss. Today I’m sitting down with my friend Alex to break down the three biggest running mistakes, what the issue is (from a scientific standpoint), and how to fix them.I hope you find this video helpful and that it inspires you to at least try running!

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*Core strength*
Plank (or plank variations)
Minimum reps: you should be able to hold a front plank for at least 60s

Single leg hold
Minimum reps: you should be able to hold this position comfortably for at least 30s

*Calf strength*
Single leg calf raise
Minimum reps: 15 per side (no bouncing!)

*Quad strength*
Single leg squat (or squat to box)
Minimum reps: 15 per side (even if it’s just the lower down)

*Glute strength*
Single leg glute bridge (or variation of this)
Minimum reps: 15 per side



BEGINNER BUNDLE is for you if:
-you have little to no experience working out
-you’ve never really been able to stick to a diet
-you’re new-ish to fitness
-you want to create sustainable habits
(this includes at-home + gym guides)

ADVANCED BUNDLE is for you if:
-workout at the gym (no home guide included)
-can perform basic compound exercises
-you have experience with calorie and macro tracking
-you want to learn the science behind it all
(this includes a gym guide only)


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Malc4dead says:

Great video! I would like to start up running again, nothing crazy, perhaps and be able to run 5 to 7kms. I am someone who has never run more than 3.5 kms without a break, and getting on the treadmill yesterday I was done after half a km! So this video certainly speaks to me.

RasmanZ says:

I’m no expert but pretty sure you’re supposed to run on your toes…

Marcelo-Castro says:

that’s exactly what i was thinking. i did one minute. =( but now i got better (practice correctly = winning)

Jonny Blade says:

8:25 Yes, but what a chest!

Jonny LaRock says:

what the hell sort of bra is that? Designed by NASA

Eva Aguilar says:

I wish I would’ve seen this video before running. Now I’m recovering from shin splints.

Running&Cycling DAD says:

You need to change your form heel strikeing causes injury. That is not how anyone should run, it takes time to strengthen the lower legs tendons and muscles associated.

Jolly Johnson says:

Superb. I have just completed my fifteenth 5k Parkrun. This time I focussed on all the points discussed in this video. I felt really slow, but I wasn’t focussed on that – I just wanted to follow all this advice. Net result? I got to the end of 5k with plenty left in the tank (usually I am absolutely finished at the end), my time was a full 30 seconds less than my average, and my average heart rate was 20bpm lower than average! Absolute revelation. I’m definitely going to review this video before my next run, and really focus on building this advice into my running style. Thank you so much for this video – double thumbs up.

Sierra Southard says:

I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought I was fit but then went on a treadmill and couldn’t run very far

KMichelle Argus says:

I hate running (always have) but I KNOW I need to start so here I go I guess. I can walk all day long but time to start working on something more. I’m planning to make a goal of doing Walker friendly 5ks throughout the year (and shelling out for them now to motivate myself) hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be mostly running. And maybe ready to move up the distance.

Demarcus Faulkner says:

This is good information its helped me I have not ran in a while and its help me get into it.

Darienne Dewalt says:

I started running in november but I am still working on my form. This was very helpful, thanks!

Scott Turnbull says:

This is a great video. Thanks.

Matt Pahuta says:

Great video. Will help a lot of people.

Laurie McCarthy says:

Good job. Thank you for infos. Pretty nice explanations

CavemanJesus4Life says:

I use to run and I wasn’t in top shape. I did the mile around 7 1/2 minutes, that’s my top speed. I wasn’t in shape too. That was over 20 years ago also.

airlia dazen says:

i worked out in the gym for 2.5 years,thrn decided i had enough of indoors. started running,the gym is easier,but i stuck with it. each person is different,you just have to find your comfort zone. i run 4xs per week and live it. my body looks different because i exercise differently,and this is okay.

J K says:

This is horrible advice

JAY BEE says:

My first run was a 5k in 45 minutes, with walking pauses in and I felt no muscle pain until 10 hours later, then I had to stretch every 20minutes just so I could make it around my small apartment lol

niceguy999918 says:

You are body positive. You watching this Tess Holiday.

Ultimate_Savage says:

Running is not good for you Period !
you need to cycle or do squats and calf raises. running is really bad on the joints. you will know when you get older what i mean. i used different exercises when i was young and at 56 years old i feel 26 years old.

Rich Reislund says:

#3 was my mistake. Being a novice runner at 47, I pushed too hard trying to train for an upcoming half. I was doing 2 long, full out, runs a week. Waaay too much for my age. Because of it, I am now just starting to run again after being out 8 months with an Achilles injury.
Get your form right and don’t over do it or you may end up watching instead.

barry crocker says:

nice klackers and minge

CavemanJesus4Life says:

Now try doing this while playing Soccer and you will fail.

I’ve seen runners not running this way. This is all by one doctor, not every doctor. Most runners don’t even keep that upper posture, even the World Record holder of long distance running runs this way.

Isaac Evans says:

You should be running on your toes

John M says:

What if you run like Barry Goldberg?

Rob Erickson says:

A good tip for new runners to minimize impact with the ground is to imagine every stride you are landing on thin ice. You don’t want it to crack or you will fall through. Try landing softly.

Doc Brown says:

Abby… I’m trying to pay attention to this video but your butt is so amazing, I can’t focus. It’s like a work of art. Beautiful. 🙂

Whit23ney says:

I just started running and I’m using Zombie Run couch to 5K app. It’s a mixture of walking and running initially and then it increases your pace over time. Plus, it’s super fun to hear that zombies are chasing you and you have a destination to reach. When you’re not getting instructions, it plays your music to keep you company. I absolutely love it!

Strict NonConformist says:

Look at the chi running running form for maximal efficiency and minimal impact: lean the entire body forward, straight, just using enough energy to lift your back foot up and bring it to swing your lower leg forward with letting from the knee down being relaxed, not pushing off with your feet at all, landing your feet such that it’s a little behind your center of gravity, so you’re continually gently falling and using your forward leg as a cushion before swinging your back leg forward, repeating until you’re done running. Don’t forget the arm swing and don’t sloth along the line from top to bottom, keeping ankles, hips and neck in a nice straight line overall.

Need coffee says:

Skip to 3:10 for the actual lesson

Brooklynn Jenae Flynn says:

I really wish the American public school system taught running this way. There is so much technique involved and a lot of kids grow up thinking that they “just cant run” because they were never taught the correct methods.

Shade Clark says:

What is wrong with the my body type quiz. Am I the only one getting the scary don’t open his website message?

jasonweichfrau1 says:

This is a really helpful video, thanks a lot.

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