How to Run Properly for Beginners

This video is about how to run properly for beginners, using these 5 “must-follow” steps!

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DarkPa1adin says:

I have itch each time I resume running after a long break. Is there’s reason why?

karthick kayen says:

I am a beginner and now i ran about 15 days and now my knees ache a lot and lower part of knee ache and cop muscle also ache a lot. I am really scared of my leg,and i wanted to participate in marathon and I also wanted to increase my stamina so I started to run 6k(walking 3k and jogging 3k). Please can U help me for my knee problem.

Nimeu says:

I have a hard time touching my heels to my hands when doing butt kicks. What can I do to improve?

Uk Sophea says:

Hi! You are really great. I like running but I couldn’t make it because whenever I start to run about 100 meters only I would get stomach pain. Is that because of I don’t perform a proper run or is there any other reason? How can I help myself to overcome this?

Sisomphou Viravong says:

This is a great video instructions!

Regeenuhhh says:

bruh you look like aaron paul (jesse) from breaking bad lmaooo

BrotherNumber3 says:

Quick question Nate. The superman lay. You say squeeze you belly and your butt. I can squeeze my butt, the belly I’m either sucking in or pushing out. I can’t squeeze my abs the same way I do when I’m doing the back core exercise. Am I missing something?

zevi mere says:

make it short and sweet demo

Johan Chan says:

Amazing content!!!!

Kris says:

What the best thing to drink when running in hot weather? Toward the end of my runs I get dizzy and a little nauseous. I just started doing more runs outside.

oli kiwi says:

Im still waiting for the free running plan!!!

Ngọc Nguyễn says:

I like your video. It is really helpful. Things you show can apply for warm up session before running as well. I have a 10k run in 2 weeks. I wish i watched your video earlier 🙂 great job at making great video

Vandhana Venugopalan says:

Great video! I am going to run a 5K next week after a long time (more than 6 months). I used to run 5k very often last year. I do strength exercises for my abs and legs but could you please share some exercises to strengthen my back and legs to get prepared for running outside? Appreciate your support!

Nathan Maloney says:

Hey Nate…this is Nate too…I ran the Phoenix Rock n roll half and full marathon…and each time I ran them…my calf would cramp up and cause a huge dimple right into my calf. What causes this…not enough potassium or just too dehydrated from the heat??? Help…any other place I’ve ran…no problem.

roy granados says:

thanks for the all information, I have a tendonitis in my lef kne on the outside side can you please tell me how I can fixed property thanks again

Bluefirephoenix Jen says:

Im very fat and want to start a running program. I have, when I was young, run a mini marathon and was a college athelete ( karate) So I have mental familiarity with training My goal is a 5K and then reassess to go higher. We started weight watchers and I am starting a more intense exercise program this week. Do you have any tips for running in icy conditions? We will not clear the ice for another 2 or 3 months, depending on the depth of the spring snows. I’m 52 years old. I’m not a couch potatoe but I’m not in good shape either. The conditions are that the road I use will be ice covered almost completely with bare patches. As it melts it will have water on top which freezes overnight

cardio workouts says:

i want the best speed drill

Paul Musarra says:

Excellent tips. Great reminders on the arm swing and viewing it as internal spiraling. So true

paulus maximus says:

thanks for the vids very clear and hugely practical – I’m 56 with a history of lower back problems ( L3-5 hernias), since three years i’ve been speed walking a lot and maintaining my exercise program for my lower back which includes stretching , planks , superman etc -( no more lower back issues), but i wanna run. i’ve been told the impact is not good for my lower back and i should avoid running but I’m learning of different techniques where less shock can be achieved depending on how i run and which part of my feet hit the ground etc- any suggestions on how best to explore running again or should i stick with speed walking? many thanks .

Raven LoL says:

squeeze your butt.

Javan Karavanović says:

Your videos are the worst you don’t show any moving samples. You are a morron I ‘ve been wasting my time. .i.

Mikha Sheba says:

Im going for 23km run on dec..what ,how should i train..?if i feel tired while on the run,should i just walk then continue run if i fell abit good?pls teach me..tq so much

Oscar Rivas says:

Hey there great channel, I’m overweight and I decided to do something about it, so I started walking and I had a lot of calf and lower legs aches and your videos about rolling help me a lot to deal with them, to the point to believe it’s like magic. But now I started running but I get tired in my quads while running is this the right muscles to work or I’m doing something wrong? I know the extra weight doesn’t help my case but I want to make sure that the legs are sore because they’re getting stronger and once that’s good I’ll be running better or my quads shouldn’t get tired at all and it’s a problem of form. Thanks.

JasuTheSnipe says:

How do i start when i’m a tall, underweight person who gets out of breath in 20s? Also my posture is quite awful

Millie Vanillie says:

yesterday I went for a short run
, about 10min, since I am not really active I couldnt last longer…i tried to warm up a lil bit and I felt okay while running and after until now when I feel my right hamstring, as if its been stretched too much (if thats the right term??). I hope you understand what I mean. Did I maybe get injured yesterday from this short run? is there anything I can do about hamstrings pain since I have a problen with left hamstring for 6 months now and doctors only told me to take painkillers for it abd ofc, its bot working. please help! thanks in advance!

Adan P says:

Great video, do you have any suggestions on how to avoid getting shin splints, and how to get rid of them.

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