How To Run Properly For Beginners – 5 Running Secrets

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How To Breathe Properly While Running / 2 Breathing Techniques

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How to breathe properly while running:

how to activate your core:

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Africa GS says:

nice video, really helpful

aishwarya vangara says:

4/30.2017 Jogging Day 1 Start

Byword says:

very helpfull.. today I will start Running.. Run for President of America

Khurram Qureshi says:

I see your Camera 🙂

Gerald Kelly says:


Jo Howard says:

such great tips thank you

AYX AYo says:

You helped me pass the 600 meter run thanks thanks thanks

Anthony Perez says:

I’m in the Army and used to run 15 minute two miles. Ever since I watched your video I’ve been steadily improving and just ran. 12:36 today. thank you so much!

cian barry says:

This guy don’t know what a metaphor is

Kali Plunket says:

Only watching this for the Zombies, Run! app

Darude Seagalstorm says:

extremely helpful thank you


even if i push my shoulders together, as far as i can, forward, i breathe better than with my shoulders back.

Lee Wright says:

When I over-exaggerated my shoulders and breathed deeply in, I went light-headed.
What’s wrong ?

Majestic Crystal says:

Your videos are really helpful. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing new videos.

Red Schatten says:

when I walk for a while, my legs paralize literally. I can feel the pain going from my feet going up to the knees. It is so intense It causes me a strong headache. Anyone knows what could it be?

mark joven Carampot says:

thank you

Katie Ng says:

Watching this to ensure I am running correctly…

Elle Bouzalas says:

Thank you so much! Btw I hate when you try to catch up to people but they sprint when you try to run to them like jfjdjskcmnf

And my cross country is tomorrow good luck to everyone who will do cross country or a race (I’m Australian)

TopherVexel says:

That is the best explanation for “why” to keep your core tight I’ve ever heard. Thank you!

Amethyste Spardel says:

… I have destroyed the Universe countless of times already …

david north says:

Great stuff, Matt comes over well..

Miner Joe says:

Wow! This video was so helpful for me and my friends, prior to this experience I had no idea I was running the wrong way. Thanks for your help, it was very appreciated.

Catsgirl3 says:

thanks you helped me out a lot by just watching this video.

MandeeMoo MandeeMoo says:

This was such a helpful video thanks so much, I’m a mum who hasn’t done any exercise for years but I’ve now been given the opportunity to start running. I’m very self conscious about it but am feeling so much more confident after watching this, I feel ready to take those baby steps & take on the new challenge. Also, can I please let you know that you come across as a lovely young man, you are doing your loved ones proud. I’m grateful to have found your channel.

Alicia Latour says:

Thank you

Septimus says:

Thank you, I think that the tips are helpful. The most important one for me I think is the landing on my feet… After like 6 km I start to feel my knees, which I really don’t like. Will try to try it out in about 30 miutes haha.

Hassaan Ahmed says:

Nice Tips boy, (specially​ for foot strike)
Keep it up.

hello disbemychannel says:

Thank you sooo much this helped out alot

Alex Stinski says:

thankyou, this helps a ton! (btw, i like those pictures in the back)
lol the door metaphor

Sylvia Garcia says:

Thanks for this. I’m not a beginner, but I’m trying to improve my form so I don’t roll my ankles (I have terrible foot strike). This helps a lot. I want to add, something I did a lot was knock my knees together when I ran and it was causing knee pain. If you make another video, this might be something to address.

Rachel Browning says:

As a newcomer to running at 49yrs these tips are very helpful, thank you 🙂

Nicole Puppyluck says:

My coach always yells at me when I’m doing the mile “Quieter feet! Quiet feet=Faster feet” I’m sure it helps to go faster, but it’s pretty hard to keep your feet quiet when you are basically… dying? c:

miss JC says:

I did that position and it hurts omg why do you hate me god

Sue Platt says:

Brilliant video, very helpful. Thanks Matt!

SERJiCAL says:

excellent tips! Thanks!! 🙂


i’m at 2h for half marathon 21km what about u ?

Some Nobody Told me to change my name,so i did says:

I naturally do all of these and wow we are close to 666 comments:-)

Lucielle Torkornoo says:

That was really instructive!

it's me girly girl says:

I apologize in advance, people in the universe.

Harambe R.I.P says:

I came to this vid because I started running and I can’t run for shit

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