How To Run: DOs & DON’Ts

Evolutionary biology professor Daniel Lieberman, whose studies are the scientific backbone for Chris McDougall’s BORN TO RUN, gives five pointers on how he thinks you can run long distances better and injury-free.

Lieberman believes the human body is more capable of running long distances than any other species on Earth (i.e. humans are born to run). A barefoot runner himself, he supports the benefits of running shoeless, so long as you learn how to run correctly.

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Alex Roka says:

When you do the exact opposite of this whole video

Ghostrider B. says:

anther video says lean forward and go with chi energy. now what??

Rogue849 says:

I started working out 15 weeks ago. The first 6 weeks or so, I would walk as cardio, for half an hour. Then, I inserted 1 minute and a half of jogging into that. Then 2 minutes, and so on. This week I made it to 5 minutes of jogging which maybe seems little, but for someone who didnt work out at all, I’m actually really proud. So in a couple weeks I’ll make it 6 minutes and so on.

Max Payne says:

Thanks for the tips paul giamatti

Paris Adaya says:

But in basketball you should not be running and landing flat footed.

Kai Binta says:

most of this is for long distance running not sprinting

Emma Young says:

I have to race people A LOT faster than me tomorrow and this will just make me slow. Fml

Nguyen Hang says:

Thank you very much, Dr. Lieberman

shankar wadhwa says:

I feel afraid to run


my shins hurt when i run. am i landing wrong?

mm zhao says:

it is very good for me

wildcard 9792 says:

I’m running a race let’s see if it works

Wa- hey says:

I always get shin splints then stop, maybe I should start at twice a week then work up from there.

Jay _ says:

Fam what the hell im in rotc and we gotta do a mile run I watch this and when I try it does not turn out the way I think everybody getting 5 to 7 minutes and I’m just barely making 10

Junk Mail says:

the comment section is completely full of fakes who couldn’t run ½ a mile for their life

Jack Qin says:

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exercise, skateboarding, and other outdoor sports. Buy link

Kickshype says:

I do running stuff on my channel. Check it out.

Myfairgamer says:

“Guaranteed to injure yourself”
Running home from work to save money. Saved two hundred pound, on’t be running again any time soon however, I simply thought a slow jog for 3 miles wouldn’t impact, nor did I care for my footwear. I was stupid to do so.

Raymond Garcia says:

u <3 penus

Goldcraft 6 says:

I’m on the cross country team for the first time and I’m so nervous cuz this the first time and I also have asthma

User says:

speaks someone who is out of shape.

PanicScorp02 says:

What does this old ugly nerd dumbass know about running

Bethanie Louise says:

Anyone here trying to find tips for their sports day? After not running for a year I have to do 800m… No just me?


Thank you

Chef Bear says:

Its finny that a profferer teaching about running, but doesn’t look athletic at all

anushanshi R says:

roses are red violates are blue the title is english and why arent you

Kyle Tchen says:

just to let everyone know, these tips are for running mid to long distances, not sprints

Nataszq Channel says:

I’ve always hated running and I don’t think I would ever like it. Our school PE teacher never showed us anything to do anything better and we just ran like stupid for 200, 400, 600, 800, 1k meters or longers. He puts those who run faster above everyone and only trains them to do better and everyone else never improves.

Artus Adil says:

grandpa doesn’t know what he is talking about. Just do the opposite of what grandpa is saying. every idiot is an adviser these days

Muhammad Salman says:

Today is my 1miles Race This Video Is So inspiring Hope it Could Work For me

The Illusionist says:

Dr Schlomo Shekelbergwitz

Thebebop says:

Thanks very helpful, I run 20 laps aka 5 miles and I alway wonder if I’m running Save!? Can’t wait for tomorrow’s run

Kai Brown says:

Thanks going to run now! this is really helpful

InActive Acts says:


Mardany Rules says:

I actually want to learn to run because I have had knee pain for half a year and forgot how to run, this did not help…

Herenzious says:

This was very helpful.

Gertie Buckley says:

You are running man and work every day, Don’t would like to hold mobile phone. Fully grasp this armband now! simply from $7

Fabulose Patato says:

I need food In front of me then I will run for my life!

Sydney says:

No u just RuN FA5t

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