How to guide for running in hot weather – running hydration, running clothing and run pacing

Running in hot weather can be very difficult, especially when you live in a variable climate such as the UK, where the weather go range from very hot to very cold.

It is important when running in the heat to run with the correct pacing for the distance. If you are running 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or whatever, if the weather is hot you will not be able to run to the best of your ability. You need to run with the correct hydration strategy. Make sure you wear sun cream. Where the correct running clothes.

Running with correct technique can help prevent running injuries such as shin splints and runner knee. Running with correct barefoot running form will absorb the impact through your muscles and tendons, rather than your hips, knees and other joints when heel striking.


Said Gutierrez says:

Today was 40 here. I had to stop running because my Vibram got so hot.

Rafael says:

I like to run slightly before dawn and avoid the heat and the pollution altogether.

Paul Liptrott says:

On Strava yet? you know what they say “if it aint on stava it didn’t happen!” come on Steve

shahen shah says:

What can I do about my feet getting hot? Both when I’m running and playing rugby my feet feel like they’re on fire

murray821 says:

For clothing I use a Brynje mesh shirt under my regular running shirt, usable in hot and cold weather, during cold days it has pockets of air insulating the warmth. And the fabric is wicking the sweat away from your body into the second layer keeping you dry. Because of that feature Its also good for hot weather. Really love it, best 40 euro spend last year 😉

Justin Woodward says:

This is odd to watch in America hahaha. 30 degrees Here is two degrees below freezing. It’s been 90-100 fahrenheit here lol

Dvlv V says:

30 degrees? You not in England anymore?

Derek Nixon says:

I personally wouldnt recommend lucozade or any energy drinks gaurenteed stich for me if i drink one of those even just walking about it gives me a stich absolutely hate them i personally go for some super cold non concentrate juice from tesco super tasty and light on the stomach.

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