holiday gift guide for runners | best running gear

While any runner would love any of these gifts, these would be great for anyone who is into exercising or is an athlete. Let me know if you have, purchase, or receive any of these holiday gifts or if you have any must have or must try items to add to the gift guide!

check out the HELLAHGOOD holiday gift guide here:



Dan Runs says:

You definitely inspired me to get airpods and i’ve never looked back!

Adam Rattiner says:

I’ll do the watch! And interesting fact about the GPS tracking if you are lost! Great video.

ItzBobbyJack says:

Lol the only thing you linked was your merch lol

Ryan O'Leary says:

I really look up to you. I started running and I love it. Keep up the GREAT work. I’ve been waiting for your upload. What’s your upload schedule.

SwishKing says:

Hellah, do you have a warm up routine?

its not kingi says:

Try adding music in the background just at a low volume

Tobias Grund says:

You motivate me so much. I wish you nice holidays

Jacob says:

cool video. Love your videos and your attiude. Do you hit the gym by the way or “only” football and running

Juice says:

I definitely relate to this video. Listening to music and wearing wireless earphones while running is a major must for me. Plus I’m vegan myself with merchandise as well. Happy holidays bro. Much love!!

Dom W says:

I’ve noticed you’re not into minimalist running, do you find supported sneakers better?

Cole LaRochelle says:

What Audiobooks do you listen too

Димаш Смагулов says:

nice video! I like it)

The little gaming tomato says:

Nice plug

Mirkomil Oblokulov says:

Hellah is the air pods comfortable to run with? I just wonder I wanna get them but unsure if should get those or beats X?

Lovro Karlovcec says:

Cool video

FlouN Standoff 2 says:

Лайк, если от MiMotivation)

LJ M says:

Hellah in this season of Thanksgiving and gratitude I want to express my appreciation for your work and commitment to bettering the lives of people…your work is awesome! Thank you!!

BoardandArrow says:

Who records the clips when you’re running?

Ryan O'Leary says:

How do you not get sick

Curtis Jamison says:

Yo Hellah great video that YouTube next 2018 really took your vid to the next level. I definitely see the improvement in this short time. Also thanks for the gift ideas. I will be requesting some of these. Keep improving we see it.

Andy Randy says:

7:23 omg i need this. On my run today my under pants slipped up to my
butt and i was really uncomfortable.

Johannes X says:

Does anyone know if the funkypants function as underwear or do you put underwear below the funkypants?

Carl Anton S says:

Hellahs good Video!

Pedro Monse Pena says:

Great list!

Chirag Khurana says:

Hey bro today’s my 54th day , my question have you ever faced knee pain and how to avoid it cause I run on concrete everyday

Adam Rattiner says:

Do you have Hellah Good shorts or sweatpants to go with the shirt too?

Trinitrophenylnitramine says:

If I miss a day of working out, I don’t feel good.

Amani says:

I went back to running today, I was about to cry at the beginning, I know it sounds dramatic but I felt like I couldn’t do it and I lost my abilities but I forced myself and I went for and now I feel so good, so happy and proud of myself, by the way good video keep going bro

G R says:

Hellah, Hello from Belarus.When I saw that you had runned 365 days in year. I’ll want to do the same thing . It is 95 day now. Thank you for the best challenge. Sorry for my English. I learn it . And I hope , that my comment , when I finished that challenge, will be without mistakes.

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