Guide to running: ‘barefoot’ shoes review

Guide to running: ‘barefoot’ shoes review

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Should you wear shoes when running? If so, how much ‘shoe’ do you need? Adharanand Finn, author of Running With the Kenyans, and keen runner Kate Carter discuss the types of minimalist shoe available, and explain how to understand the principles of barefoot running in order to pick the best trainers for you.


Jessie Zubiran says:

I have been using Merrell’s barefoot line and love them. I also have been reading/ watching as much media on proper/ logical ways to run and have been running on the balls of my foot is what has come natural for me. These videos rock even though they’re older, keep them coming!! 😉

MrDeludedPenguin says:

Either wear no shoes or make your own huaraches Using leather/Rubber whatever works. I have a pair of Vibrams and they are pretty cool actually but I think my size is wrong they seem a bit tight still comfortable but tight.

Rebecca says:

What happens when you wear those homemade sandals and then scrape your foot on the pavement >.<

Stefan R says:

He says people in the Xero sandals probably don´t run particularly fast…… And he has no clue! Didn´t even take the time to test them really and even set up the shoes wrong. How long did he run in them, 3min that morning?! Worthless research really. I´m running in them, 3h for a marathon, 18-19km/h in the intervall trainings. Is that slow? Probably…… 

joebstarsurfer says:

The Guradians trying to take over youtube damn there eyes.So the comedy barefoot running video is brilliant.Most office drones arent Kenyan kids .

Ashlie Kim says:

As a physio Some of my patients use mobility aids such as a walking stick or wheelchair to help them mobilise after injury but we try to ween them off and rehab them back to normal. After learning about the dangers of spongy and restrictive traditional type running shoes I likewise try to rehab some of my patients back to being able to walk and run normally again using their feet. This barefoot movement should be viewed as rehabilitation and mobility aid progression.

Dafydd Jones says:

Who cares about the science! Try it its natural and makes your run feel alive. 5 mins max to start with!

Tim Britton says:

Interesting debate. There may well be no empirical evidence that barefoot is better, other than tens of thousands of years of human beings running without shoes. This is a debate which I am currently exploring for myself. Google bloggingjogging to find my blog on wordpress.

bellythekid1234 says:

No point in wearing tights and shorts together just wear one

Cronicas 559 says:

when kenyans become “athletes” lots of them get sponsorships, thats where a lot of them get their shoes from 

Pisscan says:

nahh heel.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Søren Kaas says:

what are the name of the Black and red shoes?

Larry Wallace says:

you always here the benefits of going barefoot, then all of a sudden you got some
ass munch trying to sell you a pair of the latest running shoes! !!!!!

Skooff says:

Forefoot/midfoot is the way forward.

Kalclash Fitness Ⓥ says:

Hmmm you say you’re a convert but have never even seen anyone run in Vibrams? Its nice to see a positive review on minimalist running, but I do question the knowledge base here.

O2isfree says:

thanks it is always good to see actual research going on instead on a leap of fate.

Ronan Passmore says:

what is the name of the New Balance shoes?

Tim Norman says:

Is there a difference between fore-foot and mid-foot running, or is it a different name for the same thing ?

DSBSB says:

There isn’t any science behind this. Most barefoot evangelists seem to rely on evidence against ‘normal’ shoes rather than providing empirical evidence for minimal shoes. They will quote the same 3 books and 2 ‘doctors’ and become aggressive if you argue with them.

mike k says:

What kind of retarded misleading title is this? They never ran outside barefoot

Edward Scott says:

I ran my first marathon in the Xero shoes, in the not-that-slow-for-a-debut time of 3:34. Admittedly they were the slightly beefier (10mm thick) Z-Trail model. But I have the DIY kit and am determined to one day run sub-3 hours in them just to return to this video and go ‘nyeeeeh’.

Matt Moore says:

Has anyone tried the Vivo running shoes? I am curious if it is true minimalist or if it does have some arch support and a heel like the new balance minimus. I love the Merrill trail gloves but I do all my running in vibram fivefingers

Vidventure - Sota Maehara says:

On’s are underrated, worn them for a year, ran over 2 million metres with it (2000km) and they are extremely durable. And you feel more power on the take off.

Je P says:

You guy’s need some HOKA’s! LOL!

Osvaldo Hernandez says:

The weardest looking shoes are the ones with the toes

joebstarsurfer says:

Barefoot runner in a London office video that would amuse the bleep out one.

HowlUKx says:

The burden of proof is on the running shoe industry, not the other way around. For an industry turning over billions in profits, with ample resources to fund massive prospective cohort studies they also have no evidence that cushioned shoes do anything.

Trash Boat says:

“people who run in these shoes probably don’t run fast”….? Tell me why I run in my sandals all the time and just the other day I ran 8 miles at 6:40 pace and thats just what I do for my easy day lol This man is a liar he did not run with the Kenyans because if he did the best running shoe would not be nike…

kaity dawn says:

Midfoot is striking with the middle of your foot and forefoot is striking closer to your toes. As far as I know, both have the same benefit and it’s just a matter of preference.

L4LTV says:

Anecdote – where’s the science behind this?

PuroYO says:

Humans weren’t meant to wear padding on our feet, stop fucking up your body.:<

Eliandrew209 says:

@bellythekid1234 men with huge dicks can’t walk around in just tights. Shorts go over so people don’t get distracted while running

Ainsley Harriott says:

She wants the D.


Thanks a lot!

Jonathan Deutsch says:

what a sell-out… recommending the Nike free? really? those are just the worse… they have cushions, the have a heel drop, they are just the capitalist shyt we always wore, doesn’t demand the runner to change anything, just the same old shoes pretending so you’d feel like your part of the “barefoot trend”. and those haurache, the one he openly dissed, are the bomb when you get used to it. its just that anyone can make those, so no big sponsor payed him to sell them. 

chynakissz says:

I’m wearing Vivo’s evo pure… took the insoles out because I have hammer toes..I love the wide toes part.. I run on treadmills mostly and I still prefer heel strides.. My legs eventually got used to the impact. I actually quite like them.

Kalclash Fitness Ⓥ says:

Hmmm you say you’re a convert but have never even seen anyone run in Vibrams? Its nice to see a positive review on minimalist running, but I do question the knowledge base here.

Gunner says:

I started running for fun, was doing 1-2k after a bit. Tried barefoot, and did 5k with ease…and no splints

HawkeHound says:

A good article can be found here:

barefootrunning .fas .harvard .edu

(Remove spaces to use—YouTube wasn’t accepting link.)

Vasya Korgan says:

Hello! I’m Matt.I did -30 lbs last two months.More here

martyfriedman666 says:

Skateboarding shoes? Any thoughts? I don’t have proper running shoes as i have just started so used flat sole, skateboarding shoes. I was told it was a bad idea etc etc so i’m just wondering if that is the case? I think i naturally land on the forefoot due to the fact i used to train in tae kwon do.

Skooff says:

Forefoot strikers land on the forefoot then the heel comes down after,with midfoot strikers the forefoot and the heel hit the ground at almost exactly the same time.

Erik Syring says:

Shoes need to have space for the natural, broad forefoot; Nike doesn’t.

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