Guide: Running a Casino in Final Fantasy XIV (And Making 700+ mil Gil)

Just a quick guide on how to run a successful casino in Final Fantasy XIV. Some people were curious about how I made all the gil I did in game, so I figured I’d share by doing a video guide on how to do it as well. for Final Fantasy XIV reviews, videos, screenshots, music and more!


Rand00mThing says:

The trick about casinos is… You stop playing when you’re in the plus, bois.

CAptAin CheeseCAke says:

Go big or Go home !! woooohooo I’m going home now

Touka Chunibyo says:

Best Casino in Gilgamesh! – Miyuki o/

LozerMoi says:

I started playing FF14 this past summer and I am interested in doing something like this. I currently have around 800k gil – do you have any suggestions in how to start this type of business off? 😮

Isaiah says:

You should try out the new “operation Janus” update on combat arms it comes with enhanced graphics and new UI

Anzyx says:

How much gil did you start with when you started to do this?

Jrein B says:

yo omer I don’t know what to play anymore lol

Saif Sleepy says:

I’ll switch servers for this … Gilgamesh was it ?

Popcorn Chicken says:

I tried this game. And that’s all I have to say.

Sam Wall says:

Very nice! I haven’t seen player casinos since EQ1! Such a classic way of making some money.

Wait Stop says:

Does alot of trust go into this? I can’t really tell from the footage but it seems like you do the bet first then exchange gil. What happens if someone makes a bet, loses, then leaves without trading?

zwarth123 says:

Do in game player get angry at you, if they lost?

ramvo69 says:

WoW !! What a baller !!

Giorne Ganz says:

I have to try this but I transfered to low pop server recently not many players in limsa. Maybe I have to try in Idlyshire

Hinas Hoes says:

gambling loli

Noctureon says:

This is a great idea! I’ll definitely do this next time I can buy a sub says:

No foreign feature today, Matt (and the rest of us too actually) too busy playing Revelation! Foreign Features will continue on Saturdays as they are made

TrapPanda says:

I could watch omer 24/7

MangoBaka says:

this is allowed?

Jerry Senseney says:

thanks for the video man. i was hope for some game play. not a video on how too be a scam artist lol

Sascha Schulze says:

You could also use an astro, for guessing cards, like: Bet 10K, if you guess right you get twice the amount back. If the guess was right they can guess again to double their win. There are many ways to bring gambling to Eorzea.

Zemnexx says:


CrimsonOfRose says:

Omer… “Strategy” not “Stragety”

Shadowfury says:

you have one of the cutest lolis/lalafells in FFXIV 😮

Shadowfury says:

Gosh, I wanna join your server to join your Casino and help with dancing with my cute loli too *_*

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