GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Gunrunning DLC

GTA Online: Gunrunning Tips & Tricks – How to make money with Bunkers

A complete guide on how to make the most money possible with the new business features in GTA Online.

Thanks to vdvac90, Pluton_GTA, GoldenBizkit, Joe9411 and Maury121 for helping us with this video!


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Alan Payne says:

Gamer tag: Vault523, always up for a heist/ mission

Mister Apocalypse says:

is the discord link working to anyone?

Doğukan İlhan says:

türkçe çeviriiii!!!!

Reinhardt R. Bush says:

You should be able to select what you research, i just wasted my time researching a two fucking camos

Doğukan İlhan says:

! ! ! T Ü R K Ç E A L T Y A Z I ! ! !

Nytr0xz says:

there is another type of recover supplies material mission in which you need to take out a bunch of merryweather surrounding a helicopter before the helicopter takes off. if they do manage to take off you can destroy the helicopter but you only recover half of what your inventory was at before the mission starts.

Mário S3queira says:

How to make money in GTA Online when it launched: Play

How to make money in GTA Online now: Buy virtualmoney

Sothbeachboy 21 says:

You guys remember when rockstar added the unknown network error Dlc. I was grinding for months.

fanarusso says:

best online gta guide ever . great job

Game Club says:

How meny charectar you have in gta online

Nicole Barry says:

Ive only done 20 sales exactly. This way of earning money is too slow for me. I dropped 20 mil on this dlc only to be bored two days later. Just a tip if u see someone sending invites to their biker club take em.

Aidan Last says:

Lol i’m sitting here watching this video when i don’t even have a Bunker yet

Wasee Rahman says:

Basically it’s a shit DLC for making profit

Loaded Dice says:

I named my MC Gunrunners when it first came out. I wonder how many people I blocked

MrToxic Gaming says:

If you get raided and lose, do you lose all of the research?

Diablerie Tandino says:

the payout for guns is absolutely pathetic, 1,050,00 for a full cache of weapons. It takes 12 hours nearly and all the while you are being charged 9400 a day in bunker upkeep so subtract that from the 1 mil too.

John David Ciriaco says:

add me to do bunker missions.
JuniorSnipe2425 on ps4

Undead Assassin says:

I thought I had to be in free roam to manufacture and research. I can still go and do heists and missions?

DougisLive says:

People say it’s a bad buy and shit, but I’d much rather buy a 1 million dollar bunker that can profit me than a car I can just drive around.

Tom Lemon says:

make more money just running hiests and missions no stop lol

Mrstuntboi says:


Tom Lemon says:

looks stupid miss just gta with gangs and fighting

iFatcat says:

I have an idea don’t buy the bunker

Nicholas Sean Rozario says:

I need help in selling arms in PS4
I’ll also help anyone who needs help, add me username nicholas_sean_
I’ll be online most of the time
Any help would be highly appreciated
Thanks you

GaMiNg MoRe says:

in the profits table is that being sold in the county or the city?

Daaaaave says:

If you guys think Lester calling about heists or Simeon calling about being forever alone or LJT calling about your coke staff starting to snort the stock out of boredom is annoying, you have probably already bought a bunker. Fuck off Agent 14 and your 87% sure algorithms, I do not need a phone call and a text message and an email every time I log in telling me to buy more shit.

m l says:

Sounds like the gta mc business- a royal pain in the ass

Tyler Evans says:

I’ve got a get rich quick guide for you guys:

Step 1: Log onto GTA Online

Step 2: Join a public session

Step 3: Farm “Good Behavior” paychecks

Step 4: Profit

Ruly Castro says:

What a sexy lady in the thumbnail 😉

El Matador says:

10k bills are fucking bullshit

Nico Castro says:

Putting ur team on research is stupid, never do it!!! U should always put it on manufacturing and then if u want use the money for research

Drink bleach says:

;-; Got raided yesterday and had fucking disarm bombs THE FUCKING NUMBERS? “NUMBERS” HACKING FUCKING HARD KILL YOUR SELF ROCKSTAR I SICK OF THAT STUPID SHIT It like this there always that smart ass at rockstar “oh gotta add them where they get raided and put bombs on trucks” ;-;

Alicia Schmitt says:

lead operating institution chemical soon owe nonprofit suspicion.

WispyWinner800 says:

You guys are awesome. Well detailed.

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