Elite Dangerous Tutorial + Newbie Guide to Silent Running / Stealth

Want to know the best way to hide your ship from radar/sensors?

This video will show you the best way to hide from those pirates, or are you the pirate in hiding?


seancpcp says:

How does silent running help you smuggle into a station if your heat goes up, doesn’t that heat build up defeat the purpose? I’m not understanding what silent running actually does.

MrChoas966 says:

I know you don’t want to risk your ship in the attempt but o you know if you could actually land on an asteroid and hide that way or do you have to hide close to it

Temothy Homecillo says:

I can see that the graphics are being downgraded. This looks better than what it is now :/

Chimmy1981 says:

Looks like a lot of effort for not much of an outcome.

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