Destiny 2: LEVIATHAN RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

Complete Guide and Walk Through for the entire New Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2!
Time stamps:
-Leviathan Raid Beginning Encounter (Castellum): 1:16
-Royal Pools Guide: 4:00
-Pleasure Gardens Guide: 9:15
-The Gauntlet Guide: 18:00
-Emperor Calus (Throne) Final Boss Guide: 26:50
-Extra Raid Loot and Raid Vendor: 39:50

I wish you guys luck in this new Destiny 2 Raid! I hope your Leviathan Raid gear loot drops are sweet!

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Fxmousalex 24 says:

I’m still confused on the arrow part

ZMON3Y_ 561 says:

They need to make raids less confusing

Anthony Ta says:

The ganulet was so god damn hard, we wiped like 30 times and plated about 2 hours, and we still couldn’t get 1 charge through, and this was the first encounter for us

Richard Fisher says:

Great video, I will not be attempting this though..loong asf

Fallen Angel says:

So I am meant to be doing this with my Clan in a few days… this… is not going to be fun…

Nameless bitch 28 says:

Plzz help me do a raid i m new ! Ign-Doctor047 on playstation

Davy Playz says:

I wouldnt call it for dummies rather for the uninformed as I don’t even have destiny 2 yet but I’m planning on getting it within the next week or 2 so I’ve been doing my homework rather than going in blind so I know what gear to be looking for and what missions reward what and where. Can’t even do the raid until I get lvl 20 anyway but might as well to be safer than sorry(er).

Joshua Caleb says:

Instead of going to the courtyard after the bathers. you can just go to the underbelly which makes it easier.

Kie Weston says:

Not doing this a raid shouldn’t be this fucking hard or require 6 friends which I don’t have I’ll stick with leveling up elsewhere

Fionn Moules says:

Yep fuck that not doing that

Nate Zike says:

Yo seriously. People are dicks. I want to learn this but as soon as I say I haven’t donr this yet they kick me. I want to do this. If you know anyone willing to help lmk

Calvin JJ says:

When the guide has 6 players when you only have a 3 man team

sash a says:

The only thing that I still don’t understand are the dogs, i always die there

Dameon Chhay says:

Why is there so many legendary engrams

batdog says:

the mechanics for this raid are so unfun and stupid…i want to play destiny, an mmo shooter rpg. not fucking bejeweled. fucking activision

Jason Rooster says:

If the Destiny community wasn’t such a steaming pile of ass this raid wouldn’t be so bad.

LFG is a complete disaster zone, there’s no one willing to help at all. Everyone is so quick to blame the guy next to them… horrible experiences trying to run this raid (with LFG).

Running with a good team is fun.

I remember running the vault of glass, people were totally willing to Sherpa in LFG. NO ONE does that anymore with this raid.

Every post is


How is anyone supposed to learn? How is someone going to get to 330? They’re not…

MehdiBarka says:

Instructions unclear I got my head stuck in the toilet..

diegolsmmiranda says:

I’m get ready for my first Leviathan raid. Yyour video, sir, helped me more than any other article, video, oral explanation I had it until now. Thank you very much, it is absolutely perfect!!!

Samarain says:

OMG i never get that mission done… seeing this i’m so noob kkkk

kawaii weeb82 says:

How come when I play on raid, I see no players 🙁

Raging Raving says:

Jesus, I haven’t played the game but the difficulty spike between the base game and this is like having a Water fight to having to perform Nuclear Fusion.. while on fire in 2 minutes with a Stick and a rock

HatersGameplays says:

i cant see the lever in the lever part on mone

Michael Artiss says:

Thank you it was very helpful

Hidden Espeon says:

Well atleast is not timed and you can regen life unlike nightfall strike so I’ll definitely give it a try.

quuba eatin pupu says:

My brain

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