Definitive Guide to Running with Bulls. Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls (How To Run with Bulls)

Explanation of How to Run with the Bulls.

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The best and easiest advice to not get injured of killed is: DO NOT RUN WITH BULLS.

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This is the first of many planned instructional videos. Though, Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls is very dangerous (and not advised or encouraged), we want all new runners to know the basics, to limit potential adverse effects on themselves, the other runners, and the animals.

Local bull runners do not take the run lightly. They know the risks, and commit to improving their runs each morning. No one is immune to injury or death on the bull run route. The event should not be treated like a cheap thrill, and the animals should not be taunted or touched.

Pamplona’s running of the bulls takes place each year, every morning at 8am, from July 7th to the 14th.


Lana Santos says:

The event really gets the International attentions

Kyle Wong says:

I think its a really bloody fight why you people do this

Callie Giles says:

Ohh common dude its horrible hehehehe don’t your dream let reality

Garrison Klein says:

Last year Spain’s constitutional court overturned the ban on bullfighting

Armand Silva says:

can runner take photos while running with bulls

Eve Kent says:

Is it occurs in September or October? I am not sure about the exact month

OfficeBear says:

What a fucking retarded “tradition”

Albert Herbert says:

Thank you for the video. My son and I will be there for the first run. He will only have that day to run before flying back to the U.S.A. . What time should we be there in the morning to ensure that we will get to run? I ask as I have read that not everyone will get to run as it will be too crowded. Our hotel is a little over 2 miles away so we hopefully , get some rest before the run.

Amos Horne says:

Big part of summer festivals in Spain.

Hector Fleming says:

Amazing video and just love to know this information

Ella Farmer says:

ahhh its sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes so Ugly

Serena Waller says:

They charge toward the bold participants, who run them from a pen to the nearby bull ring

Beverly Foreman says:

its quite tricky game to run with bulls but really interesting

Minerva Barron says:

somewhat foggy origins

Hannah Ware says:

excellent thinking how you think about this video to post on youtube

Graeme Galloway says:

Great film, well done Dennis and thanks for the mention. For lots of info about Pamplona and the fiesta and stories about bullring. Check out

Amos Horne says:

wow Dennis you really did a good work its a proper well researched video

Benedict Lloyd says:

Most often many people trampled by the bulls every year

Sharon Hayden says:

The origins of running with bulls are very practical

Mikel Ollo says:

Grate advises… (for runners)
but if you feel like coming to Pamplona with Locals

we welcome you.

Ahmed Villarreal says:

I also love to see it each year last year I was there as a tourist

Davis Mercer says:

I also want to run with bulls and want feel the excitement its my dream

Cleo Forbes says:

I think its horrible because Thousands of people risk their lives each year

Zeph Cantrell says:

oh great work Dennis its a dead interesting video and quite informative

Kermit Richards says:

Welldone Dennis you told us so many things today which we did not know about bull running

Herman Vang says:

Great informative video I just love it in fact love to run with bulls

Brady Fitzpatrick says:

The festival normally begins with shooting a firework rocket

Clarke Lawson says:

Interesting enough … Thanks for the wonderful post

Martina Griffin says:

I guess Pamplona is like the Super Bowl of the bull runs

One Word Amazing says:


Elliott Mullins says:

Religious customs show priests would dress in red to honor saints

Kessie Burch says:

love your video dude keep it up

Byron Kidd says:

My uncle told me there is another arrangement of children as well where they can run with a fake bull stuffed with fireworks

Caldwell Hubbard says:

Are all runners chase them with sticks or is it a special tool for them

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