Cruise Control: A Guide to Running

It’s an undisputed fact of cinema that Tom Cruise is the greatest runner to ever grace the screen. Now here’s a helpful instructional video that will teach you the secret of his technique.

Featuring music by Kevin MacLeod

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DeadVirus0 says:

Hi, I’m a real life Croozin customer! After watching the “HOW TO INFILTRATE SECRET SOCIETIES LIKE TOM CRUISE”, I am now a mole in over two dozen secret societies! The secrets of the world are finally mine! Thanks, Tom Cruise!

crimsong19 says:

Simply excellent! I sometime adopt this running style and it sure does help! *infomercial smile*

Scientologist209 says:

Bravo, my friends

I Deun / Lj says:


BeeryGamer says:

Oh man! Finally someone who can teach me how to run properly, does this also come with a bonus dvd on how to run with a cell phone? Though it seems kind of the only thing the pros can handle, I really wanted to figure that out!

Andrew P says:

brush your fucking teeth bro

Keitho Sayoto says:

Oh so this is how black people win at the Olympics.

ViewtifulJC says:

The presentation of this is outstanding, Patrick. LOVE the choice of music and the title screen animation, I swear I have a dozen tutorial DVDs for baseball just like this.

Personally, I’m holding out for Infiltrating Secret Societies/Running combo pack to become available.

markus909 says:

Actually this is the running-style which helped MIchael Johnson to win two Olympic gold medals in 1996 and world-records for 200m and 400m. Great video!

ladycaruso says:

The Society for the Awareness of Tom Cruise Awareness Society. XD!!!!!! Lolol, this video made my night. I’ve always said, any Tom Cruise movie that doesn’t show him doing that insane run of his has wasted a golden opportunity. (Rock of Ages is an obvious exception.)

Otniel Rahab Fernandez Arrieta says:

Jajajaja xD

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