Improve your triathlon running technique with this how to guide to asses what aspects of your running form and running posture is stopping you from becoming a better runner. Triathlon Taren givis tests from Jay Dicharry’s book about running technique called Running Rewired.

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bbearce73 says:

Oh no…coach Pat is gonna hear you went easy….then you’re gonna get it!

Stefano Mastropietro says:

when are you doing the pain cave walls out of the building

Warren Bailie says:

Hey TT. Love the videos just not loving the red text during your new intro. Keep up the good work!

lengtchee says:

Do you have an Amazon Canada referral link? 🙂

Clark S says:

There is nothing cuter than a Bernese puppy. NOTHING

Mats Villen says:

Hi Taren, Do you recommend getting the book in print or does it work in a e-reader as well?
Keep up the good work.

Yixiang Chen says:

Hi Taren. I’m from Singapore. Really appreciate the great work that you are putting into for your daily videos. I am considering buying this book as I have been rather stagnant in my running progression. However I have been running using Chi Running technique (both from reading the book by Danny Dryer & going for a workshop). I was wondering if you can spell out (not literally) the differences (if any) between the content in Chi Running & Running Rewired. If replying to my comment is too much of a hassle, then perhaps this is an idea for a new video somewhere down the line? Thanks anyway!

Dana-Leigh Formon says:

Omg that Bike Barn lady was precious.

Luke B Mathewson says:


Stijn De Schepper says:

Don’t care about triathlon no more. Make this channel all about the dogs please!

Melissa Enslin says:

Thanks for this. I am new to running and have had constant issues this past year with ITB, knees, shins, hip flexors and sciatic nerve. Will give this book a go.

darrin kinney says:

ya, wow, the puppy is awesome. As for mobility, my calves and hips are a disaster. i can only sleep on my stomach, this causes my calves to be tight and my hips to pivot back. So no matter what i do, 8hrs a day of sleep just ruins my mobility (not sitting at a desk). In fact, several time after huge runs and leg fatigue, i’ve had severe calf cramps in the middle of the night. However, I don’t see anyone ever really talking about sleep positions effecting how our form. So it could just be I suck.. its been known to happen from time to time. I try over and over to sleep on my back, but, insomnia.

Elizabeth Kaster says:

The part about running was so true. Even in my elite track athlete days I had such crappy form that made me look awkward, and wasted a lot of energy.
It was only until after I retired and I had a local college coach tell me, “you need to stop focusing on where/how your feet are landing, but focus on how your muscles should be working.” He pointed out that I was not allowing my glutes and hip flexors to fire properly. It took 6 months of pure focus to retrain my whole thought process on how I should be running.
I ended up running at a much faster pace, which dropped my mileage down for awhile.
It’s a process. But completely worth it.

David Matthews says:

Awesome info, gotta get the book now!!!!!!

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